What the F is Batumi?

Last month I was standing in front of important decision in my life. It was almost like from Shakespeare's play... Stay or not to stay. I have decided the second and left Tbilisi behind. It was getting seriously hot and nightlife was becoming the only thing to do. I also had to say good bye to one of my month's rent but i thought screw the 200 dollars and have the lifestyle change I deserve.

My world in one package.

Coming to Georgia in winter, meant having lots of clothes I did not needed anymore. most of them was older worn out pieces so be it I throw them away, winter shoes I left next to the dustbin, hopefully they still can serve somebody well. Having sold one of my skateboards also made my decision making easier. A big help was my friend who organised a taxi ride of my life. What indeed was more than five hours drive costed 20 dollars per person. What a life really.

On the way we have seen about three different mountain ranges, six regions and four major cities. Luckily our driver had spoken English and entertained us with some historical and regional Georgian facts on our way. He was also fan of reggae, so our trip was awesome. I must note that this was at the time local bus and train service was still closed, only to start opening a week or two ago. Really an unforgettable experience.

On the very same evening I had my own place in Batumi sorted for a month overall nicer and cheaper than in Tbilisi. Only downside is my landlord lives above me and has kids which are quite active and don't keep me in peace with their games, but who can be angry on them...

So why Batumi you might be asking, well I am now living literary cheaper lifestyle than in Tbilisi and I am walking distance to the sea or harbor where there are already some bars open, so believe it or not people are socializing again. Awesome.

I would still say there is a downside to living here now than Tbilisi. Mostly just from a practical point of view. When I need some camera equipment or camping gear, my only options are local small hustlers with their cheap Turkish ripoffs. Apart from that I am happy with my decision. Next week I will be in the same moment again as international flights did not resume and I have to find out what to do next...

This is now unofficial extension of my flat.