A couple of weeks ago I took a walk because the weather was pretty nice. I decided to go and see my old school which is a mansion actually. Yep, I studied there during 4-6 grades. After I left, the school was only active a couple of years after and then closed due to the mansion declared unsafe. I am not sure how old this mansion is but at least 250 years, I can tell you that. I am failing to search for information because there is not much talk online about this place. To give you the best location, it is in the Harku area of Tallinn. Not far from the Harku lake and pretty close to the Harku church. The exact location will be in the @steemitwoldmap comment.

There were only a little over 80 students in total in this school and 12 of them were in my class. In the first photo you can see the front entrance of the mansion. Window on the top left side is the one my main classroom was located, it was once a bedroom.


There is also a mansion park where I walked through every schoolday because the lunch facility was on the other side.
Today nature has mostly taken the place but it is still passable.


When you go over the bridge then you are on the island, it is surrounded by rivers. I have also seen this place totally underwater.


Well, this bridge is not quite passable anymore. I wanted to go forward and still cross it but I didn't want to risk with all my camera equipment being submerged.



This is the place where I used to jump over the stream, of course, the water level was lower.


At this exact location, I tried my first cigarette.



There is also a singing dome in the park but I was not able to get close so I zoomed it out with my telephoto lens.


The trees in the mansion park are very old also.



At that place, we had our physical education lessons. When it was winter time we skied there, on the spring and autumn time we just ran or did different outdoor games.

Sometimes when the weather was nice we even took some of the indoor lessons to outside like singing lessons, biology or even mathematics, that was pretty cool.



This is the road leading to the mansion. Those trees are planted there to make the alley look cool.

In the mansion itself there were some rooms we were forbidden to go and we never actually knew why. These rooms included some of the basement rooms and at the front of the mansion there is a stone dome that leads underground, that was also strictly off-limits but under the secret cover, I still went there once, it was just a cold and empty room.

The ghost story

Let's get one thing straight first, I don't believe in ghosts and nothing makes me believe it UNLESS I see one myself with my own eyes. To this date, I have yet to meet a ghost.

Still, there are paranormal experiences that have happened. Some of the teachers reported that they have heard steps in the area where the stairs are when school is all quiet after everybody left. Some of the teaches even have said to feel different or like the presence of someone being nearby.


So you probably want to hear my story. You can see in the photo that there is a tower on the top level. There used to be a library full of old books and school books. I can also remember the wide round wooden stairs leading up there. Too bad I don't have a photo of the interior.
So every year we had an event named as class night. This means we spent a full night there, sleeping in the classroom on mattresses. In the evening I and my buddy decided to go up to the tower to the library for some reason. We spent some time there and finally came down the stairs. When we left the stairs we both heard a steps on the stair section but we saw no one there, also all the lights were out and it was dark. Of course, we ran the fuck away, we were children after all.
To this day I don't know what we heard but as I said in the beginning, I don't believe in ghosts even after this experience because I didn't see anything plus I'm sure that the logical explanation exists there.

I hope this post was entertaining for you, have a nice evening or day or night.