A couple of weeks ago I decided to travel a bit in northern Estonia and see some places I had never been to before. I visited two locations. One was Hara's top-secret submarine base this will be a subject of another post and the forest where these boulders are. Like I said this place is located in northern Estonia, in the Lahemaa national park. The weather was of course absolutely horrendous. It was windy and the rain was pouring down. Despite the hostile conditions for exploring outside I still wanted to do it.

We parked the cars somewhere in the forest and we started to walk on foot. We didn't need to walk for long to see the first stone and it is called a living stone. It's not as big as the main one but worth seeing nevertheless.

Note: Pictures in this post are not great. Since it was getting really dark already, I had to use 12K ISO and that makes my shots really noisy.


SO we moved forward to reach the main stone. All these boulders came from northern Sweden and Norway once the Ice age carried them here.
Most of the place we walked was totally swamped but fortunately, there were wooden walking paths.



Finally, we reached the main stone and it was much larger than I first thought. This boulder is called the house stone and I can see why. It's as big as a house.


There was even a ladder leading up to the stone but it was really slippery due to rain, I was a little scared to slip and break my back but I'm glad it didn't come to that. Here are some shots taken on top of the stone.




There was even a walking path around the stone itself.



After that we started to walk back the same way we came, I did not take any more photos because it was too dark and my camera was soaked already. When we finally reached our cars it was totally dark.

It was cool to explore this place even when the weather was shit.