A couple of weeks ago we had very hot weathers in Estonia and many people want to go to the beach or next to the lake to swim, I was no errand. Temperatures were soaring over 30 degrees Celsius and I and my girlfriend wanted to find a place we haven't been before. I have several great sandy beaches near my home but they all have one big problem in common, they are to shallow. I need to walk 500-600 meters to start swimming.
On that day, however, we set our destination to be Salmistu beach. This is located in northern Estonia, about 40 kilometers away from capital Tallinn at the small village named Salmistu.


I watched the satellite photo of this place and then I saw a nearby island named Pedassaar. I also saw a clearly visible underwater trail leading from mainland to an island and I started wondering if it's possible to walk there. After some research, I found out that indeed it is possible but there is only a thin line of shallow path that is around waist-deep in case of zero sea level. If you were to walk off the thin path there is 16-meter deep water instantly on both sides. I also read that 20 people have drowned going there in the last 30 years.

This is the satellite photo of the place I'm talking about.


It is about kilometer water between land. I tried to walk the beginning and I walked about 200 meters and the start was really shallow but I decided to leave it to another time when sea level get much lower.
I did see some other guy trying to walk it and judging by eye, I think he went about 600 meters. I also took a photo of him with my telephoto lens to see how deep he is because I couldn't tell that by eye.


He looks around waist-deep but for whatever reason, he turned back. So close but yet so far.

Here is a photo was taken of this island from the shore. This place is secluded, no one lives there and I really want to explore this area sometime.


Now here are some shots of the rocky parts of Salmistu beach.



The Sandy part is the one you see on the first photo and it is an absolutely amazing location. Water goes deep very fast and after 4 steps you are already in water deeper than you. It was really enjoyable. The beach also had this great vibe that I can't explain. I can pretty confidently say that this is my favorite beach. I'm looking forward to visiting it once again this summer.

Here are a couple of more shots I took on top of the nearby tower.