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The beach is ideal for a swim stop and to look at the old shipwreck. In the last 10 years, I have been there more often and you can see exactly how the wreck falls more and more.

Dimitrios is a Greek shipwreck that is famous for its picturesque location on an easily accessible sandy beach near Gythio on the Peloponnese in Greece.

"Dimitrios" is a small 67 meter long freighter with 965 tons of cargo capacity built in 1950. It was registered in the prefecture of Piraeus. The ship belonged to 75% of the Molaris brothers and 25% to the Matsinos brothers. Shipwreck is stranded on the beach of Valtaki, in today's Evrotas parish in Lakonia Prefecture on December 23, 1981.

There are ** many rumors ** about the shipwreck and how it stranded there. Local locals say that the ship was used to smuggle cigarettes between Turkey and Italy. Allegedly, it was confiscated by the port authorities of Gythio to then drive it deliberately on a sandbar. It was then looted the entire load of cigarettes and set fire to destroy all the evidence.

Another story that is a bit more believable:

According to a book of honorary governor of the Hellenic Coast Guard, Vice Admiral Christos Ntounis (1935-2010), Navagia stis Ellinikes Thalasses (translated as shipwrecks of the Greek seas) is true history of the ship.

** History of the shipwreck: **
Ntounis writes in Ta Navagia stis Ellinikes Thalasses (Volume B 1950-2000) that the ship underwent emergency dumping in Gythio on 4 December 1980 because her master needed access to a hospital because of a serious illness. However, after the docking, financial problems arose with the crew, as well as with various engine problems, coupled with insurance policies imposed by various lenders. The crew was then fired and the task of securing the ship was assigned to Georgios Daniil and Vasilis Parigoris.

The ship was docked in Gythio until June 1981, when it was declared unsafe due to shipping on the docking ropes and starboard side due to the water in its hull. The port authorities asked that they be moved to an anchorage outside the port for safety reasons, but the owners did not respond until November 1981. The book says that at about 12:30 on 9 November 1981 the ship was swept. 2 miles away because of the weather and it was temporarily anchored. But the temporary anchorage did not last long when the ship was swept away and finally stranded at its present location on Valtaki Beach on December 23, 1981. The ship was then simply abandoned there and no attempts were made to make the boat afloat again.

Under no circumstances should you try to get on the ship or go inside. It is totally rusty and it is very dangerous to enter.

The pictures were photographed by me in 2017 when we were circumnavigating our annual Peloponnese.

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