Remy @guchtereApril 2019

Re: Tulip fields in Holland

Hehe thanks to you I’m able to see more of my own country than the scenery around my house😎👍

Was the track also walkable outside the opening hours?

And thanks to you I got an idea for my girlfriend she loves tulips! need to bring her next year here during sunrise or sunset. Never thought about that actually😅

Did you enjoy the family time?


Oh, I'm sure that you'll feel much better in no time Remy and you'll be able to go out more often :)

Yes, you can walk there anytime. But the shop/farmhouse is only open during certain times (from 10AM until 5PM - I think)

You can still bring her there this year. The track is open until 5th of May so you have a lot of time - if the weather permits you to go there :) I'm sure she would love it. It's impressive.

Oh yes, we have a little niece and spent a lot of time with her. It was a lot of fun! We also went to Heusden with the family and had a dinner together at my brother's in law place. It was a lovely long weekend!

I'll let you know when I'll be going there next time ;)


O yeah! This makes me proud of my own country. It's a good thing you didn't step into the fields although it is very tempting for taking photos. Remy has to be quick because of the hot winter we had this season will be over soon. Maybe we can go together next year and ask for an exclusive photographing trip 😉


You should definitely be proud. There are so many lovely places in Holland :)

I know, but those farmers work so hard that I didn't have the heart to step in the field :) I don't like to destroy work of others. And I saw in TV that plenty of tulips got damaged because of tourists stepping in the fields to get the best selfies. This should not happen..

If you two go together then I'm sure the photos that you will deliver will be exceptional :)