Remy @guchtereOctober 2018

Re: DIY Trip to the Blue Mountains and Leura Town

Ok I admit, I scrolled down to check if some pictures of the falls where there… 😇 But indeed not much water running down. The brother of my GF was here a few months back with more water running through.

Nice share with the tip to take a cheaper DIY way to get there. Always nice to know for other travellers these tips. But you had the best part to meet nice people and get a ride. Loved your action to create a blog as well thanks for that. I prefer reading because I can do that at more places. 👍


I actually forgot to insert the vlogs and just remembered now that you mention the blog haha

I wasn't even expecting a falls and just thought it would just be mounains and trees, so the falls even with not much water was a nice surprise :)