gungho @gunghoa month ago

Re: Empire of the Dead: the Catacombs of Paris

This sounds like a really exciting adventure @leaky20! This is the first time I've heard of the Catacombs. My first impression of those bones and skulls seemed creepy to me at first. But then as I read and listened to your story, it started to sound cooler and cooler! I imagine that the inside of the cave/tunnel was cold in temperature.

I feel sorry for all the people who had to die. It's interesting how you mentioned that the bones were well-preserved. I was also surprised at the end when you mentioned that they checked your bag for stolen bones. I wonder what would happen if they caught you with a bone in your bag?!

leaky20 @leaky20a month ago

The temperature was actually pretty moderate. I think because it's so far underground the temperature probably stays the same almost all year round. That's just a guess though. It was neither warm nor ool when we were there hahaha. If they caught someone stealing bones it would probably just be super awkward. My guess is that they would just confiscate them and tell the person to leave. I dont think they would call the police but again, I'm not sure. I wouldnt want to risk finding out hahaha