An ideal destination for a weekend trip - Tam Dao, Vietnam

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The Plan

What you gonna do for your memorable weekend? I plan to go Tam Dao which was known as “Dalat of north” with my friend. It would also arouse us about Sapa trip which was the first precious memory of us. That sound good, right?

This is not first time I have been to Tam Dao. I have been there once in May, 2015. With a distance is about 80km away from Hanoi, Tam Dao is totally suitable for a weekend trip and absolutely an ideal destination with us. Lets go! 

How to get Tam Dao

You could travel to Tam Dao by different ways such as public buses, motobikes, private cars. That is up to your choices of conveniences and comforts. My friend always desires to drive bike because he cannot do it in Korea, so we decided to go by bike to make our trip get more enjoyable and memorable. 

The problem was my friend didnt have liscene to drive but He really wanted to do it. That was why we started the journey when Hanoi was still sleepy, at 6am. We kept changing position constantly. When I see polices, I drive. After that, He will do it in some deserted streets. Keep changing driver during the journey made us more excited and not feel tired. And after just two hours, we arrived in the territory of Tam Dao. 

The most awesome thing was the way to get Tam Dao. The winding road stretched along moutain slope and past with beautiful forests. We stopped several times to see some impressive views and also let my bike took a rest. 

The impressive view

Situated at an altitude of over 1,000 meters above the sea, Tam Dao owned fresh atmosphere, spacious with mist clouds covering the hills. We could feel that air gradually getting colder while going up high enough. The first impression was the thick fog spreading everywhere and the cold made us felt as entering the winter which we could not feel at the same time in Hanoi. 


I advise you take a whole lot of warm clothes if your doing the journey by bike like we did from Hanoi. Because the temperature difference is quite large between Tam Dao and Hanoi, especially in evening. 

The church is a symbol of Tam Dao - was built by French. 

Tam Dao was not only impressive but also poetic and lyrical. You know how great it is if we can see the beautiful scenery from above??There was a place named Heaven Gate in Tam Dao and you could see whole beauty of this town.

Standing on the Heaven Gate, Outstretching hands, taking a deep breath in the chest, overlooking the vague town in the fog suddenly come and go. A wonderful appeared in my vision. Tam Dao was a pretty small town, trees and grass garden, green chayote dreamily fly sleep in blur white fog. That scence is really breathtaking. 

I consider Tam Dao is a smaller Sapa and my friend is totally agree with it. He like this place because he can drive along the road in moutain slope, around this town and enjoy the pure air he cannot feel in Hanoi. 

I will recommend some destinations and food in Tam dao for you guys in next post. It will be useful with someone is planing to visit Tam Dao. Hope you guys like it. 

Location information
● Tam Đảo, Vinh Phuc Province, Vietnam

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Happy New Year!
It looks like you enjoy with your trip.


Happy new yearrrr
Best wish for you and your beloved ones.



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