Today i am going to take you for a journey into the mountainous region of the Blue Mountains which is located in New South Wales, Australia. It is known for it's dramatic scenery, it amazing steep cliffs, eucalyptus forests and all the stunning waterfalls.

I have visited the blue mountains on a few occasions , living in Sydney it's only a one and half hour drive to the town called Katoomba and when people think of the blue mountains first thing that comes to mind is the iconic Three Sisters the huge rock formation but they are not the only things to see there.

You can either go for the day trip or book into the many hotels nearby and spend a few lovely nights here with your loved one or friends there are many unique shops, cafes. You can take the day trip hiking down into the blue mountains valleys with a guide or do it yourself and just follow the signs and the trails and admire all the stunning waterfalls.

If you are only here for a few hours you can take one of the two cable cars or both cable cars one cable car which is a glass bottomed cable car that you can ride across the mountains and observe the landscape from above and the other cable car is the steepest passenger carrying railway car in the world which will take you to the base of the mountain valley and there you can walk around admiring some of the waterfalls and some beautiful , Australia wild flowers.

The times i have been there i have always made a full day of it by taking different hiking trails every time i go visit the blue mountains there is some much to see and explore i just love the feel of fresh clear air like walking through a rain forest and the waterholes and waterfalls you come across never wants me to leave this paradise.

There are numerous exhilarating activities on offer in the mountains, from rock climbing and abseiling with operators such as the Blue Mountains Adventure Company to guided walks with Tread Lightly Eco Tours and Aboriginal Blue Mountains Walkabout. You can even participate in a challenging three-day hike with Life’s an Adventure.

I always like to walk the trails that have the signs telling you hour long the trail is and what you are going to see along the way it is best this way cause you could get lost quite easily in the thick of these mountains normally along these trails you will stumble across hidden canyons or some thing magical.

The views are never dull when exploring the blue mountains whether you are below in the thick of the rain forest or walking the above trails along the cliff faces of them huge rocks to catch that sunset or the reflection from them flowing waterfalls or maybe just a sit down to take it all in.

The Blue Mountains for me has always been a place to get away from that hustle and bustle of the city life and for what ever reason you come here for you will always leave with a clean tank of oxygen and a clean mind and you always what to keep coming back i know i do :)

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