Since Bangkok hosted it's first Street Art Festival, inviting artists from around the world it has now become more popular here in Thailand with some great Thai talented graffiti artist getting out on the streets to leave their colorful messages around town.

To start of my day hunting down graffiti art work in Bangkok i decided to head back to Chalerma Park which is located near the Ratchatewi BTS station, just a hundred meters from the station. I was at this park about 3 weeks ago but i was told that it continuously changes.

Well they were not wrong the graffiti on the far back corner walls of the park were all painted with different graffiti. The artist come to this park to practice there talent on these walls while the little kids are enjoying their selves on the swings and the Thai's get serious with there ratten ball game.

After i had checked this park and seeing the Alex Face i left impressed again and starting headed down towards the Saen Saeb canal which was about 1 km away from Ratchatewi BTS station towards Siam Paragon BTS station.

When you enter this part of the canal you are hit in the face by graffiti work all around you it's overwhelming and exciting because you don't know which one to look at first. I checked this small sort of park area where again some Thai boys were playing their favorite game ratten ball which is a small plastic ball that they kick over the neat and opponents have got to stop this ball by hitting the ground a bit like volleyball only here they use there head and legs like soccer no hands.

Street art in Bangkok has been slowly emerging over the last few years, mainly due to the Bukruk Urban Arts Festival taking place in both 2013 and 2016 and walking down along the Saen Saeb Canal in the heart of Bangkok city certainly proves that.

Since the Bukruk Urban Arts Festival took place in both 2013 and 2016 local Thai artists like Alex Face, MueBon and Bonus TMC are helping put Bangkok’s burgeoning street art scene on the international radar and they becoming well known for it almost everywhere you see graffiti in Bangkok you will see the Alex Face the rabbit with 3 eyes that is his most recognized piece of art.

It is sure a very interest sight walking down this canal seeing graffiti on both sides of this canal brightening up them dull concrete walls.

The Saen Saeb Canal is also known as Khlong Saen Saeb it's a very busy waterway running parallel to Rama I Road , many commuters will use this canal to commute back and forth to work on these express taxi boats that run up and down this canal a quick and fast way getting to work avoiding all that city traffic.

The other interesting factor walking along this canal you get to see the old city with the new city and see first hand the way the old custom traditional people live along the canal.

It is quite a lush green area with lots of old custom Thai foods to be had with restaurants and cafes all along the canal we you can relax and enjoy the refreshing air.

It happen to be that on my walk a big storm was approaching me and normally does every later afternoon of monsoon season in Thailand so i had to duct for cover under this canopy which gave me a bit of time to fool around with my camera till the rain eased off.

You will also find the famous Jim Thompson House along this canal the Jim Thompson House is the formal house of an American named Jim Thompson, who started the Thai silk industry after World War II, houses a magnificent collection of Asian art and many unique displays.

The museum consisted of a complex combination of six traditional, red colored Thai-styled houses that was his residence in Bangkok. The many wall decorations and antique objects in these houses blended in superbly with the serene gardens in the compound. They do hold wedding in this compound very ideal for that.

The rain had eased off and i had to make my way back to the Skytrain station were by this time it was about 6 pm and i needed to walk about 1 km back to the Skytrain station but a few more photos on the way before i go to one of my favorite restaurant for my juicy steak.

Back on the main road towards Ratchatewi BTS station and something i hadn't seen before they had the traffic at a stand still on both sides of the main road some thing to do with giving the Royalties clear passage nice to be a :)

Well i was walking so that didn't worry me i got to my steak restaurant call Hungry Nerd what a name but what a juicy steak they serve up.

And off i was up the stairs to the Skytrain another great day had in Bangkok city i hope you enjoy walking with me :)

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