MarketFriday - Siam Paragon Gourmet Market !!

Angelo Mariconte @hanginJune 2019 ยท 3 min read

Hi everyone here we are back for another #marketfriday initiated by the lovely @dswigle and it's Friday again and today i was in the mood for some tasty Salmon fish and the Gourmet Market in Siam Paragon Shopping Mall is one of the best market to buy any type of imported fish fresh and juicy.




The Siam Paragon Mall is one of the biggest shopping mall in the heart of Bangkok and it's one of the most luxurious shopping malls that you can go to. It not only has the best gourmet market in town but has all the brand name shops and a huge food court with unlimited amount of dishes to choose from.




You could spend a whole day in this luxury mall with no problem at all is has 8 floors of shops including many choices of restaurants and coffee shops to sit and relax at any time. This mall has always been one of my favorites in Bangkok. I really love the restaurant level and Gourmet Supermarket and many bakeries, in particular.




This mall has almost everything one needs including Rolls Royce and McLaren cars but today i am not here for them i have got a hunger for a nice piece of salmon fish and some fresh sea food.





What ever type of fish , salmon , oysters or lobster and many more varieties you will find here they do import from all over and the ready marinaded prawns are one of my favorites apart from a nice piece of salmon.





Every time i come to this mall they have always got some food fest going on and today it was Japanese Sushi Fest were you could by fresh sushi already package ready to take home or eat right there at there bar set up really convenient.





There is a amazing variety of seafood you can also buy fresh out of the tanks if you prefer that and why not you know it can't come any fresher then that.





I got to be honest with you every time i walk around this section of the seafood market my mouth gets or watery i want to take a bit of everything home the way it looks at you standing up so fresh and colorful it's hard to resist. I love bringing seafood lovers here they are always mind-blown.




Definitely a great place to visit if even in Bangkok with plenty of food choices and activities for kids and get this one level further down at the basement level, is Siam Ocean World, absolutely a must see for travelers you could spend many hours just in this part of the mall. Well i got what i needed and i am out of here going home to cook up my :)






Thank you @dswigle for giving us the opportunity to show of our countries markets on @marketfriday it is certainly a very knowledgeable subject to see what our neighboring countries can bring to us.


Address : Ground Floor, 991/1, Rama 1 Rd., Prathumwan, Phathumwan, Bangkok 10330
Tel. 02-690-1000 Ext 1214, 1258
Fax. 02-690-1222, 02-610-9101
Email: [email protected]



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Thank you for the heads up @for91days i will do that in the future :)

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Thank you so much @travelfeed curator @for91days much appreciated :)

As soon as I saw the heading of this blog I KNEW what I would discover......and you did not disappoint @hangin. My favourite food! Seafood......but more importantly Lobster!!!
It is not fair to put Lobster temptation in front of me again. And to make it even more difficult is seeing all that beautiful, fresh salmon. SIGH! I will just have to add another $5 to my Thailand holiday fund. ๐Ÿ˜

Haha....well this is one way of making you add a few more extra dollars to that Thailand holiday fund in the mean time i will just keep eating those lobsters for :)

Great post, lots of nostalgia. I have lived in Bangkok for 8 years and I just returned to my home country.
Siam Paragon's Gourmet Market is certainly one of the best supermarkets in Bangkok.
However, to find more imported goods, such as cheeses, meats, dairy stuff and so on I strongly recommend to pay a visit at Villa Market in Phrom Pong (SkyTrain Station), It's open 24 hours and from time to time you can also meet some of Royal Family members shopping there.



Thank you @papino i have shopped at Villa markets also for some products that i like from my home country. Thanks for the info anyways...Cheers :)

You're welcome

Tali @tali72June 2019

wow! how much fish and seafood !!!! I am wondering, is it expensive at your prices? In Israel, fish and seafood are expensive so we take infrequently and not much. for example, 1 kg of salomon fish costs 25 euros. I love sushi!!! this week my husband was making sushi with salomon fish and avocados, so I calmly looked at your photos)))))

There is a abundance of seafood to be had in Thailand and wow it is very expensive price for seafood over there 1 kg of salmon fish here is 10 to 12 euros and even cheaper at other local malls. Sushi love it also..yummy :)

Howdy sir Hangin! hey, you could not only spend a day there you could spend a week trying to see everything if there's 8 floors, that's amazing!

This is true sir janton i have been back there many times and just do floor by floor a very interesting mall :)

that sounds like lots of easy posting material sir hangin! unless you don't need any more material!