Today i wanted to see something different on my walks through the city of Bangkok i had been told about this park called "Rot Fai Park" meaning train park so i made my way out their by BTS Skytrain. Once your at MoChit station you walk downstairs across Chatuchak park and it is up the from Chatuchak on the opposite side 20 minutes walk from MoChit station.

The park use to be a golf course and belonged to the Railway Club. It's another huge park in Bangkok it consists of 150 acres of beautiful green manicured lawns very popular with families and kids who come here and ride their bicycles or come for jog around the park.

My main reason for coming to this park today was to witness this old steam train close up it is the famous 943 locomotive steam train that was donated to Thailand railway system by Japan in 1950.

This large Mitsubishi 1950 Steam Train served the Thailand people for 30 years before it was put to rest here at the entrance of Rot Fai Park and is very popular amongst tourist. The 943 was selected as a token of good long friendship between Thailand and Japan.

Unfortunately the days of the steam locomotives puffing along a track and pulling carriages full of passengers and goods are long gone they were the real "iron horses" but today their are still five that remain in Thailand and they do come out puffing along the tracks on special occasions as a reminder of the by gone era and i am yet to go visit these "iron horses".

A bit of history did you know that the first Steam locomotives was originally developed in Great Britain in the early 19th century and it was George Stephenson, an English civil engineer who invented the famous locomotive "Rocket" in 1829. Hasn't it come a long way now replaced by modern and faster diesel and electric trains.

In the early years of the steam locomotives in Thailand they traveled at a speed of between 50-60 km/h an hour and today unfortunately the train system as in long distance travel has not progressed at all the pace of Thailand's present day trains are still only achingly slow at a speed of 40-50km/h. Although i must say the present government is at present changing all that and has some projects happening with Japan to introduce the bullet trains here in the very near future.

Just outside the park their is this real train wreck really looks like a train wreck but it is just a train carriage that i think everyone including the motor cycle taxi drivers use it as a storage depot bass but it does look apart.

I didn't get to walk right into the park as i had arrived at this park late plus the weather was not good raining bad but i will visit this beautiful park another day but i was happy to see the famous Steam Train 943.

Thank you @tattoodjay for #wednesdaywalk challenge it's certainly giving me more of a boost to get out there and see the beautiful things around us.

Thank you @travelfeed for providing this opportunity for us to create travel content of interest to the people out there it's the next closest way to imagining of be there in person.

Opening Hours: 5 am – 9 pm
Location: Kamphaeng Phet 3 Rd (behind Chatuchak Weekend Market)
BTS: Mo Chit
MRT: Chatuchak Park