Sydney, Australia my home city as most of my followers know that i am living in Thailand but are aware that i am from Sydney , Australia so i have never had the opportunity to take you for a tour around my beautiful city well today i am going to take you for a tour around my beautiful city where i will show you all our famous icons that make Sydney harbor a beautiful harbor so follow me for a adventurous day.

My morning started early and even though the skies are beautiful and blue there is that crispy cold feeling in the air as it is still winter over here but coming to a end. Well a little about Sydney it's the capital of New South Wales and one of Australia's largest cities, is best known for it's beautiful Harbor and the Sydney Opera House all around the world.

The population of city of Sydney is just over 5 million people and is well spread out it's far from a cramped up city , lots of convenient public transport in able to get you into the city without having to drive into the city as parking fees will cost you a arm and a leg. I took a bus from my suburban of Kingsford and was in the city in no time.

The CenterPoint Tower stands at a height of 305 m was constructed in 1970 and is tallest structure and the second tallest observation tower in the Southern Hemisphere with revolving restaurants to dine and enjoy the views.

I got of the bus near Martin Place and walked about 1 km to the Harbor where i wanted to take a close up view of the Sydney Opera House funny thing living in Sydney nearly all my life and never have taken a walk around the Opera House how ironic well today i am here to do just that.

There are many coffee shops and restaurants along the frontage of the Opera House to sit and enjoy the views and maybe feed a few Seagulls.

Maybe take a Thunder Turbo boat for a quick spin around the Harbor side if you fancy that it would certainly get your heart beating.

Yeah so i will give the Thunder boat a miss i wanted to see everything in a slower pace so i kept walking towards the so beautiful Opera House that i wanted to get up close and personal with touch it and feel it beauty.

The Sydney Opera House is a multi-venue performing arts center at Sydney Harbor in Sydney.

Construction started in March 2nd in 1959 and was completed on the ‎20th of October 1973 at a cost of $102 million that was a lot of money back then but worth every cent this place is just magical in it's architectural looks.

It's definitely unique with it's gleaming white sail shaped shells as it's roof structure makes it one of the most photogenic and photographed building in the world and so true i couldn't get myself away from this stunning structure.

And i would say a never ending job cleaning all them glass paneling.

I seemed to have found myself there at the right time of the day not only was i seeing the glass paneling been cleaned but also a filming of a commercial in process , check out the two young guys balancing themselves up in the air on books now that takes some confidence and :)

So enough of this amazing master piece i wanted to take a ferry ride along the harbor before the weather started to turn as it normally happens here in winter so i headed back towards Circular Quay which is about 500 meters from the Opera House.

There are many ferries and many destinations you can choose from i bought a ticket for the ferry to take me to Manly which is at the other end of the Harbor the furthest ride so i could see more of the beautiful Harbor on the way. A few souvenir shops if you like to shop while your waiting for your ferry.

The two most icon animals of Australia the Kangaroo and Koala Bear.

Alright on the ferry now and sailing the harbor the ferries can cost you from $12 US to $20 US depending what destination you choose.

The Navy Base of Australia.

The well known Kerry Packer he was an Australia media tycoon billionaire who has passed away now and his son James Packer controls the estates now. These buildings belong to the Packer estate.

In the distance there it use to be the docking waft for import and export in the days now they have turned them into million dollars apartments and restaurants.

It is mid-afternoon now and the weather is starting to get cloudy but still warmish and hopefully no rain as i sail along the Harbor. Lots of tycoons out on there beautiful million dollar boat today been a weekend.

Who said Australia wasn't a rich :)

The Harbor has the most gorgeous stunning real estate and most expensive in all of Australia the views are just in one word "Breathtaking" definitely all dream houses. I myself can only dream.

Look at the dollars floating on them waters.

Just looking at the views from the middle of this Harbor paints you the picture but i am enjoying sailing along this magnificent Harbor and taking it all in , what a beautiful city we do have.

With the massive Darling Harbor and the smaller Circular Quay port these are the hubs for our waterside life and nightlife the night here lights up like a Christmas tree full of excitement.

My son said to me we are the "Land Down Under" but we bring out the best in everyone.

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