Today was a gray day in Bangkok a perfect day for a walk even though the air was still warm but a little cooler then normal and we where expecting some showers still been monsoon period in Thailand so i decided to follow an friend of my who teachers at the Mahidol University he had told me that the university is surrounded by a beautiful rain forest and it gets very photogenic after a down pour of rain.

So as predicted by the weather forecast as we were driving out towards the university all the flood gates opened up on us which was fine this meant that i would find the university rain forest nice and wet and i just love photographing wet leaves it just makes it so much more fun and enjoyable.

When we arrived at the university my friend told me just to follow the wooden paths around and that way i wouldn't get lost so of i when it was still drizzling a bit but not enough to stop me walking around , following these paths around was like walking into a maze their were wooden paths everywhere i was thinking of throwing some breadcrumbs down so i would find my way :)

As i was getting deeper into this rain forest i was starting to see some amazing nature as with flowers looking stunning with the raindrops hanging of them and the insects that had decided to come out for a fresh feed after that downpour of rain it was looking very lush green and healthy to me and the bugs.

These Red Torch or Flaming Torch flowers as they are known seem to be on the breakfast menu this morning the Snails , Slugs , Fly's , huge Mosquitoes and even the butterflies were all over them i was just happy that them huge mosquitoes were more interested in the flowers then me...thank God :)

Walking out a little into the open area before i entered back into the next section of the campus rain forest i saw some really awesome pure white mushrooms almost looked eatable and maybe they were but i left them to some else to :)

I must say i had already been walking for two hours and i still hadn't run out of new wooden pathways to walk down they were just everywhere and they were all leading to a study hall for the students what a beautiful way to go to your next semester you wouldn't think you are in school grounds.

These beautiful Thai style wooden houses are for university students they can rent them out and live on campus and they have coffee and breakfest shops below how cool and convenient is that wish i could rent one it's like living on a resort.

I was just amazed in the way these university grounds were kept just like a resort honestly you would not even know you were in Bangkok city looking at all these wonderful gardens it was endless and i had only just covered a portion of these university grounds so far.

Walking out the other end i came to some concrete pathways which was telling me i was coming out of this section of the rain forest and directly in front of me i notice these beautiful flowers on this huge tree they call the Cannonball tree and they call the flower the Cannonball flower it is one spectacular flower to see.

As my friend was only teaching half a day i had to make my way back to his building as i was walking towards the main university building i was lucky to see some university graduates having a photo shoot in the rain so i asked if i could join in the fun and take a couple of shots the girls didn't mind at all.

Mahidol University is one of the best public universities in Thailand, located in Bangkok, offering international degree programs also the Mahidol University International College was Thailand's first public international college it would be a honor to study at this university.

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Located in: Mahidol University
Address: 999 Phutthamonthon 4 Road Salaya, Phutthamonthon District, Nakhon Pathom 73170
Phone: 02 700 5000