Today was the most perfect day for a walk in the big city of Bangkok were you never get bored there is always happy days sight seeing in Bangkok but today was even more exciting and special because i meeting up with a lovely Steemit friend who had come all the way from Bulgaria to visit her son who lives in Bangkok but also for a meet up with me and who might that be the only and only one the lovely @nelinoeva who most of you would know her posting gorgeous roses on Steemit all the time.

So i made my way to the BTS Skytrain over to the Sathorn pier on to the free shuttle that takes you across the Chaophraya river to the IconSiam Mall.

Upon arriving at the IconSiam mall i texted @nelinoeva that i had arrived she was already there in the mall but it wasn't long after we found each other and i was met by @nelinoeva her son and his girlfriend.

It is really nice to meet people face to face after many comments over Steemit and it was a real pleasure to see the lovely @nelinoeva in person. She had seen the mall for a few seconds and already she was in disbelief how sensational this mall looked she told me in two words "Mind Blowing" like all people that visit Thailand can't get over how beautiful everything is and how advanced in technology everything is.

We had decided on lunch cause everyone was hungry and it was so funny because we where all thinking Sushi and this was the mall with the best fresh Japanese Sushi you will get from anywhere else in Bangkok so i directed them to the best and tastiest sushi bar.

After energizing ourselves with that tasty sushi lunch which everyone approved , it was the best we started taking a wonder around this huge mother mall and the one thing i enjoy is seeing the expressions on new comers to Thailand and @nelinoeva expressions where just in awe all the way through.

Just a little information on the IconSiam Mall the IconSiam Massive Waterfront Megamall also now known as the "Mother of All Malls" opened up in November last year total cost to build this mall was 2.28 Billion US and has space of 525,000 square meters, it’s like putting 90 football field together so there was no way that @nelinoeva was going to be able to see it all in a few hours but we certainly covered a lot of space.

The whole of the first floor is just restaurants , coffee shops , all the best of the Thai foods you can imagine and all the best of the Japanese foods you can think of including all types of sushi's you can eat.

The IconSiam Shopping Mall consists of a massive 7 floors of shopping with outdoor podiums on 4th floor and 6th floor where you can sit enjoy the views have a cold beer , coffee , lunch or dinner and watch the world moving pass you.

I must say @nelinoeva had timed this trip well been close to Christmas a lot of the Christmas decorations go up normal mid November so it was a real pleasure for her to be seeing all these lovely colorful decorations and IconSiam had certainly put on a great show of ornaments and lighting.

Well the wonderful evening had come to a end @nelinoeva had to leave cause they had to home and pack they where of to another adventure going down south of Thailand the next morning early so we said our goodbyes and hugs i had been a great few hours spend with her and her son and girlfriend was really a pleasure to have met them all and she was still in shock seeing the beauty of this mall.

After saying our goodbyes as i was leaving the mall i heard a announcement from the loud speakers around the mall that there was going to be water fountain show i had never seen one here yet so i decided to stay and watch it i was in no hurry to get anywhere.

It was a shame that @nelinoeva could not have stayed longer she would of got to see this beautiful water fountain show and she would of been in more awe but i did sent her some photos and all she could say was ... WoW...WoW...maybe next time. I was in awe myself i couldn't stop clicking away i hope i haven't bored you to much with this water show but it was hard for me to must have taken about 200 photos just loved it.

What a awesome way to end the day meeting great people and a fantastic water fountain show to finish of the evening and it was time to go home till another day we will met again. Thank you @nelinoeva it was lovely meeting you enjoy the rest of your stay in Thailand be safe and safe flight home :)

Me and @nelinoeva handsome son !!

Thank you @tattoodjay for #wednesdaywalk challenge it's certainly giving me more of a boost to get out there and see the beautiful things around us.
Thank you @dswigle for giving us the opportunity to show of our countries markets on #marketfriday it is certainly a very knowledgeable subject to see what our neighboring countries can bring to us.

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