Cooking eggs: how is a happy Sunday in Thailand?

helgalubevi @helgalubeviOctober 2019 · 4 min read

Ohhhhh Sundays! For most people of this world, Sundays are known as the day of idleness and rest. In Thailand, it isn't different. However, Thai people cultivate some slightly different habits when it comes to that famous "big Sunday". While in most parts of the world, families gather for lunch, a picnic or even a barbecue, in Thailand going to a thermal spring to cook eggs is quite a program!


Sankampang Hot Springs

Sankapang Hot Springs is located approximately one hour from Chiang Mai, one of the largest cities in the north of the country. In spite of the proximity, the place is not much visited by "farangs" (the name given to the foreigners by the Thai people), which leaves you with the feeling of being more immersed in the local culture.

Although, even not being too touristy for the foreigners, for the Thai people go to the hot springs and a SPA on the weekend is one of those programs to gather the family and enjoy.



The place has an excellent structure. There are a lot of restaurants and even massage for those who want to relax. The place also has space for camping, pools with thermal waters and huts for those who want to spend the night. The geysers are small, but enough to feed a big pool for scalding feet collective and two pools that exceed 100° and are used to boil eggs!


Boiled eggs: the Sunday program!

As soon as you arrive at the hot springs, there are plenty of stalls selling eggs in small rattan baskets. You can buy both chicken eggs and quail eggs, and the baskets are of various sizes. The cost of a basket of 3 eggs is 20 bahts (approximately US$ 0,65) and inside the boiling pools, there are hooks with numbers where you can leave your basket there and do something else while your eggs cook.



The smell of sulfur is not so strong, but the warmth of the water can be felt well! To cook the eggs completely, it is recommended that the basket be immersed for about 10 minutes. But if you're a fan of soft yolk like me, 6 to 8 minutes you'll find a perfect egg!


With the boiled eggs, our lunch consisted of grilled chicken and the famous Som Tam, a salad made with grated green papaya, cane syrup, peanuts, dried shrimp and spices. It may sound a little exotic, but Som Tam is one of my favorite dishes here! And it's worth a try!




After lunch, there's nothing better than a nap, right? And for that, just go to the hot water pools, put out a mat and put your feet in the warm water. The water can vary in temperature, between 55° to 80° and has medicinal properties because of sulfur. In addition to improving circulation, thermal waters end with physical and mental fatigue and are good for the skin, respiratory system and even combat early aging.

Besides relaxing, around the pools, the families find the ideal place to extend the treadmill and set up a real picnic. Butterflies and absolute peace are fully included in the package!

Temples and mountains

The region where the baths are located is very mountainous and full of temples. The roads are small and two-way but excellent for motorbike riding. The presence of several temples in the region is also an invitation to get to know them and enjoy that feeling of calm and peace that is always present in these places.


Practical information

How to get there: Located about 48 kilometers away, the best option is to rent a motorcycle or a car to enjoy the hot springs and temples on the way.

Admission: 100 bahts (approximately US$ 3,50)

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Stefanos @fotostefOctober 2019

What a wonderful place and a lovely post too!
The sign with the boiling instrunctions is just so surreal that blew my mind :)


Hey @fotostef! Good to see you again! There's been a long time! Ohhh yes! That was a nice Sunday and so crazy to see the families united to boil eggs! Asia is cute and sweet in so many ways! Thanks for the comment! :)

Stefanos @fotostefOctober 2019

Yes, I didn't had much time lately and I have missed a lot of good posts :)


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thank you guys!