#Foodof theworld _Thai desserts: Khao Neow Sang Kaya ข้าวเหนียวสังขยา (Sticky Rice with Custard) and Colored Mango Sticky Rice

helgalubevi @helgalubeviJuly 2019 · 3 min read

Thailand caught me by the stomach! I’ve been living in this world now for more than two years, and there’s any other place that I loved the food more than in Thailand. Don’t get me wrong here! You can find delicious food everywhere! However, for me, Thailand has something special.

What I like most about Thai food is that it’s simple. When you see the cooking methods or techniques, they are not complicated at all! The secret of Thai food, however, are the spices and seasonings that are unique. The mixed flavors also enchanted me a lot! Most of the time they are an explosion of sensations in your mouth.

Today I would like to share with you a bit of these desserts that I’ve tasted here in Thailand. Sugar is not a problem for Thai people and they really can make things sweet, especially when we are talking about beverages. But the desserts, most of them are not that sweet…

So, ready feel some mouthwatering? Are you a sweet tooth? So, don't miss this post!

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Khao Neow Sang Kaya ข้าวเหนียวสังขยา (Sticky Rice with Custard)

Some people like to have Khao Neow Sang Kaya for breakfast. However, for me, this is the perfect dessert to have with an Americano. It’s made of rice cooked with coconut milk and sugar. It has a glutinous consistency and it’s really tasty! Sticky rice can also be salty and it’s served with many Thai dished too.

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On the top of the sticky rice, you’ll have a custard made by eggs, coconut milk and sugar. It’s creamy and reminds me a lot the taste of milky caramel. It’s really amazing. I love to have this dessert with a good cup of coffee. I’m located at Chiang Mai now, which is a town surrounded by mountains and also coffee plantations. The coffee here is really tasty and yes, so this is my perfect combination for a dessert!



Khao Neow Moon ข้าวเหนียวมูน (or colored mango sticky rice)

I think that mango sticky rice is one of the most popular desserts in Thailand. If you come to Thailand someday, probably you’ll try it. Mangos here are something! They are creamy, smoothy and amazingly sweet. Really! I can eat Thai mangoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and never get tired of it! And yes, the mango is the star, or “the cherry of the cake” on this dessert.


Again the basis is sweet sticky rice that is covered by gorgeous pieces of mango. They will crisp everything with a crunchy bean. The color of the sticky rice is made with pandan leaves (green) and clitorea ternatea (blue), a blue flower very common here. To complete this delicious dessert, a generous spoon of coconut milk on the top gives even more flavor to it!


Mango sticky rice is a bit heavy dessert, I won’t lie… So, when I’m craving for sweet sometimes I have this for lunch or dinner!

There are many other Thai desserts that I love, but these two, for sure, have a special place in my heart and also in my stomach!

(Thailand, 2019)

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