It was October'2013 when I quit my job to see the real Himalaya. Then I decided to apply for Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC), I applied and got the seat in Mar-Apr'2015, yeah exacts after 2 years.

It was I think 19th Mar'2015 when I was standing in Nehru Institute Of Mountaineering (NIM), Uttarkashi, Uttrakhand, North India. In few days we got everything what we needs to required on Advance base camp which was situated on 4500 meter above sea level.

It was second week of my course when we left to ABC after completing the Rock Craft training, which we had done on artificial climbing wall and on Boulders outside the campus. The bouldering at Tekla camp was pain for ass. We use to get up daily at 5 am and left the campus at 5:30am.

For the next three weeks we were on Glacier to get Snow and Ice craft training. Second week we spent at Gujjar base camp (3500 meter), where we learn how to walk, slide, make anchor, self arrest and many things on snow.

It was still winter in Himalaya and it was no stop snowing there for almost 15 days.
The picture is explaining how we we're staying there. It was not from advance base camp still there was lot of snow still there. It was our duty to keep clean the tents from the fresh snowfall. It was already told us that you can not sleep at night while it was snowing outside.

We use to clean daily night almost 3 feet snow to protect out camps. There we use to get up daily around 5 am and you won't believe we saw SNOW LEOPARD while we were going to use toilet, it happened in micro seconds. But we we're lucky to identified the White Ghost of Himalayas, but unluckily we didn't got the chance to take the picture.

These were the most difficult days of training but that training make me tough and make me so small in from of mountains. And just because of it I am in Love with Himalayas.