The Sar pass has already been crossed by two of us from Kasol village. For two consecutive days, we reached the Lake Manatlai, There is a huge glacier ahead, there are deep grooves up to the waist and there is strong rain from above. Amidst heavy cold and hunger, we cross the giant Glacier of Parvati and reached on Pin Parvati Pass from where all the way was buried in the snow.

Parvati Glacier

Till now the rains have been getting very slow, the clouds are strewn from somewhere and colorful lakes are seen on the Parvati glacier. Today only one voice is coming with every breath "where are shepherds?". And after a 55-minute steep climb, the keepers of the mountains are found. Sitting near the fire, the mutual agreement is signed that "we will stop here today".

The way to Pin Parvati Pass

It has been three hours walking on the Parvati glacier and finally we have reached the place from where we took the wrong turn last year, after which we two people reached an altitude of 5400 meters. But today that mistake is not going to happen. Let's go further. A small black lake is seen. Such lakes are called GLOF in mountain terminology.

The Shepherds place

As we walk the next 10 steps, both of us are standing on the Pin Parvati pass for the first time in life. We congratulate each other with shakhed hands. There are Buddhist flags nearby, countless piles of stones. Internet tells the height of 5319 meters of this pass, but our Garmin GPS device was showing the altitude here is 5308 meters. It took us four and a half hours from Mantalai lake to Pin Parvati Pass. From there, the distance is 6.7 km. Total elevation gain was 958 meters.

Moving of Parvati Glacier


Far away in Trans Himalayas

The Pin Parvati Pass 5400 Meters