There's just something about being two people moving from place to place everyday, finding small hidden spots in the heart of Europe where we can fire up our Tuci (Romanian handmade pot) and make dishes even people at home would travel the world to taste.(Okay maybe not)

Finding comfort in the wild

It's an interesting thing with us humans, so used to being inside our four walls and when we throw ourself into nature it can feel so rough at first. Bugs everywhere crawling on you, the smell of your skin seems like a nasty mixture of sweat, salt and smoke. But as you spend days out there, it's starting to feel good, like your body was made and filled fine tuned to be out there. You get less paranoid at night when hearing some animal stumbles around your tent, you seem to be fine with some bug are crawling on your legs. (you still kill those mosquitoes though, fuck those guys) and for some magical reason you don't smell anymore.

It's also funny how luxuries food can be made on a fire. More often than not better than in the kitchen. Not only the food is great but the comfy feeling of watching the fire doing its thing, and a funny feeling of nothing can really hurt you while you are by that fire(not even those pesky mosquitoes)!

it just feels great

So far so good, but even better not being alone!

We passed through Denmark & Germany and just recently reached France. So far and have had a blast getting into the cycling spirit. While I personally have been through some big adventures on bike alone. I can now see the effect it's having not only on the adventure of having someone to share all the moments with, but also the connection between me and her.

The kindness from strangers, the wild animals we hear at night, the tasty local food along our path and the stunning nature Europe has to offer; I already feel inspired with all kind of stories to tell so hopefully I will find time and space for sharing a bit here!

See you on the road!

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