A few years ago, I saw this pretty good movie, Night Train to Lisbon, and I remember being like 'man, that is one beautiful city, like really truly gorgeous'. and it's been on my to-see list, though it is a rather expensive trip from Bucharest and crypto isn't mooning yet, so I don't know when, but will definitely make it there. Soon, hopefully.

I also think it's good to allow yourself to drift a little, to question things and reassess. It's important to reassess every once in a while, see where you are and if you're happy there and with your life, otherwise you risk getting stuck in an unhappy life.

But I also think drifting can be awfully tempting and that it's good only as long as it leads to a conclusion, either 'i'm happy' or 'i need to change this'. It's tempting, as I said, to just drift and remain in a limbo of indecision, but that isn't very good ;)

Anyway, sounds like you had a lovely time. I always really enjoy your travel posts :D