Varkala is a beautiful coastal town situated in the state of Kerela, India. The town is famous for its beaches, delicious and wide variety of seafood and most importantly for its wellness spas. The best time to visit Varkala is during the winter season (Nov-Jan) as the weather is pleasant during these months. The summers are extremely humid and hot while in the monsoon season the town experiences heavy rainfall. The beaches in Varkala are amongst the cleanest beaches in India. The water at Papanasam Beach is considered to have holy, sin-cleansing properties as believed by many who visit it yearly to wash away their sins! The town also has some of the most ancient temples in India. But the major attraction are the beaches and the Ayurvedic spas. I had recently visited Varkala and it turned out to be one of the most relaxing trips I've had in a long time.


Here's a detailed list of things to do and places to visit in Varkala:

1. Book Your Stay At A Beachside Resort: First things first, plan your trip way in advance to get the best resorts by the sea. The most preferable area would be near Varkala Beach right on the cliff!




2. Spend The Morning Frolicking Around On The Beach : Varkala has one of the cleanest beaches in India and it's also the only place where the cliffs are adjacent to the Arabian Sea. The water's crystal clean, the beaches aren't overly crowded and the cool morning breeze provides you with the perfect setting for a swim.


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3. Pamper Yourself With An Ayurvedic Spa : Kerela is widely known for its ayurvedic spas and healing centers. The price ranges approximately between Rs. 1500 - 7000 depending on the kind of treatment you opt for. I went for a deep tissue full body spa which came upto Rs. 2500 for an hour. The oil they use is completely natural and the massage is done by trained experts.



4. Shop Till You Drop At The Local Market : There are small markets near every beach in Varkala that sell beachwears, souvenirs, handloom products, decorative items, books etc. Bargaining is a must, so make sure to bring your 'A game' on.




5. Try A Few Water Activities On Kappil Beach : Kappil Beach has a wide range of water activities to provide that are available throughout the year. Some of them are : Jet Ski, Banana Boat, Bumpy Ride, Shikara Ride, Speed Boat, Kayaking etc. Fixed charges apply for each of the above.



6. Enjoy A Romantic Candlelight Dinner By The Sea : When the sun sets and the sparkly lights turn on, the entire cliff brightens up and the shacks look marvelous. Be sure to grab dinner at any of the restaurants along the cliff.



7. Visit The Janardanaswamy Temple : This temple is also known as the Varkala temple and was constructed 2000 years ago! It's dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is situated on a hill top alongside the sea. A never end flight of steps have to be covered to reach the top though :D

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8. Relish The Sea Food : Enjoy the freshly prepared varieties of sea-food at the shacks. You'll come across different kinds of fishes, crabs, oysters, octopus, squid in every menu. They are usually made in authentic Kerela style curry but you can customize it as per your taste. What's better than starting your day with delicious food and a breathtaking view in front!




9. Dance Your Worries Away : Midnight parties are a daily event at some of the resorts which are open to all. So put on your dancing shoes and dance your troubles away.


10. Enjoy The Sunset : There's nothing more satisfying than to sit by the sea and watch the sun go down. End your eventful day on the beach and watch the waves dance with the setting sun in the background.



I hope you enjoyed the blog as much as I enjoyed reliving the memories of this trip while writing it. Thanks for stopping by.

Cheers :)