Last year, Eco Park, a well-known tourist spot in Kolkata, India introduced the visitors to the beautiful miniature replicas of the 7 Wonders of the world and a lot more. While the list of the 7 wonders on the internet keeps varying from site to site, here's the 7 of them which Eco Park decided to include :

* India’s Taj Mahal
* The Great Wall Of China
* Brazil’s Christ The Redeemer
* Colosseum Of Rome
* Petra In Jordan
* Moai Statues Of Easter Island
* The Great Pyramid Of Giza, Egypt

Apart from the above mentioned wonders, Great Sphinx of Giza and Eiffel Tower, Paris have also been constructed. Building the 7 wonders of the world in 1 place was Kolkata's Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's idea. About 5 acres of land was allotted in Eco Park and artiste Rupchand Kundu was assigned the task to guide the team and look over the task. He was quoted saying that decided and finalizing the list of 7 wonders was the most difficult task as it keeps changing with new discoveries and shift in appraisal. There were 2, which were initially considered but later had to be discarded : Machu Pichu and The Hanging Gardens Of Babylon. The reason to discard the 1st one was that there was limited space to design all 7 of them and it would've been difficult to construct an entire mountain and then show terrace farming. The 2nd one was discarded owning to the lack of existence of any physical evidence. The entry ticket is only Rs.30 (0.46$)! Here's the view of the ones which made it to the list :

* India’s Taj Mahal :

Unlike the original Taj Mahal, which is made of white marbles, this miniature has been constructed using fibre glass.



* The Great Wall Of China :

Only a small fraction of the original wall was decided to be taken up. Visitors can actually walk over the wall which is quite small in length(100m) as compared to the original one. The towers look beautiful though and provide a great view of the park.


* Brazil’s Christ The Redeemer :

This statue has been built exactly half the size of the original one which stands tall on the Corcovado mountain. It's been placed on an elevated base to make it look taller.


* Colosseum Of Rome :

Rome’s Colosseum is the largest amphitheatre ever built. It's miniature at Eco Park has been reduced to 1/16th of the original. Even then it looks massive which just gives you an idea of how great the original one would be!


* Petra In Jordan :

There's a small entrance built where visitors can enter and view the inside area which is built like a cave leading to another exit. It has a sandstone hue and the height is about 50ft.


* Moai Statues Of Easter Island :

A total of 32 statues have been made with a varying height between 15 to 19ft.


* The Great Pyramid Of Giza, Egypt :

There are around 3 pyramids which have been constructed. The center one is 40ft tall and is air-conditioned inside! You can enter into it and see the colorful walls decked with paintings.


Here are the additional two :

* Great Sphinx of Giza :

The Sphinx is placed right next to the center pyramid. It might look dwarf-sized as compared to the original one!


* Eiffel Tower, Paris :

Eiffel Tower is the only one which is located far away from the other wonders. It's not included in the enclosed area which contains the rest of them. It looks beautiful at night. The light keeps changing too, so you get to see various colors of Eiffel Tower! At night it looks so amazing that it just might motivate you to visit the real one.


I hope you guys enjoyed reading the blog. If you ever visit Kolkata, make sure to check out this place.


(All photos have been clicked by me using my phone - Vivo V5s)