Who here doesn't like to get a break from their monotonous daily routine? Who's never been tempted to just go for a serene drive with refreshing greenery and craggy hills passing you on either side, to just relax by the water, breathe fresh air, muffle the city noise and stargaze all night? Well, I'm always up for a getaway that involves any of the above. Recently, I'd been to Pune,India to meet some of my friends and we decided to go camping beside Pawna Lake.

Pawna Lake is an artificial lake formed by the dam built across the Pawna River. It's located about 12km from Lonavala and is easily reachable from Pune or Mumbai. It's surrounded by hills and greenery and provides a perfect spot for not only camping but trekking as well. The Tikona Fort lies about 4km away and the hiking trail attracts a lot of trekkers.


We decided to book an overnight camping package online as we didn't have the time to plan everything on our own. In the evening, we headed off for the destination which was about 70km from our place. As we drew nearer to the location, the surrounding became much more appealing and soothing. The traffic and the pollution of the city were slowly replaced with greenery and the hills of the countryside. The drive upto the spot was immensely peaceful and relaxing.



After we reached the location, we were allocated our tents and briefed about the activities of the day. The tents were set up right beside the lake and provided a great view.




There were quite a few activities for the campers to enjoy including horse riding, cricket, badminton, dart game and few other board games. A campfire was planned for the night along with barbecue and music.


In the evening, we were served with some snacks and tea/coffee. This area lied adjacent to the camping spot.




With the soothing breeze, sunset beside the lake was such a mesmerizing view. We sat there for hours until it was dark before heading back to our tents.



When we reached the spot we were informed that the BBQ would be served to us in our tents. They had options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.


As I stepped out of the tent, I realized that the night had never looked so beautiful before. The water was shining in the moonlight and hundreds of stars twinkled in the sky. The sight was enough to clear out all worries from your mind and fill it with the calmness and peace that I was seeking. We had our dinner later and then sat by the campfire listening to the Bollywood numbers. It was a perfect way to end the day for kids and elders alike.



If you ever get a chance to visit any of the nearby cities and are looking for a quiet and peaceful day amidst the beauty of nature, think no more and head here. As for me, I can't wait to visit this place again!