The Eiger and Slide Scanning

Last year I sorted and scanned a shortlist of about 2000 film images, both positives (slides) and negatives, that I had taken in my formative photographic days (between about 1997 and 2006). I traveled a lot over that period of my life, really just exploring the world and searching for meaning. The main reason for scanning them was to archive those memories before the slides physically deteriorated anymore as the film was starting to get some fungus growth on it. I hope to eventually edit them up to do them justice, but this is a long term project and in the mean time you might see a few of these early travel shots posted here and there.

Both of these two shots are taken of the Eiger, and date back to 2001 when I lived in Switzerland for a while and spent time in the mountains . The Eiger is an imposing 3,970-metre (13,020 ft) mountain that forms part of the Bernese Alps looking over the valleys of Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen. The first shot is a zoom on the Eiger itself and the precipitous northern wall. Known as the Eigerwand or Nordwand, it is at 1,800-metres (5,900 ft) the biggest north face in the Alps. First climbed in 1935 it is subject to several famous movies and books. It is often cynically referred to as Mordwand, which translates to "murder wall", as it is taken the lives of at least sixty-four climbers.


The second shot is a longer exposure taken just after sunset with lower light and has a lot more film grain. It has a slight purple tint that was the signature of Fuji Velvia when you took a longer exposure. The first shot in contrast was also shot on Fuji Velvia however in brighter light with shorter exposure times. You can see how much sharper the first shot is and with no sign of the blue hour purple tint.

It is interesting to see what photographically influenced me then verses now and look back at both the complexities, and simplicity, of film vs the modern digital age. Expectations about aspects of photos such as dynamic range and image sharpness have changed a lot with the with advent of high res digital sensors. My personal expectations about composition and subject placement have also changed as my style has evolved.


The Bernese Oberland is in the Canton of Bern in Switzerland. Let me know what shot you prefer? I have entered this post into the Steemit World Map Challenge run by @runicar ; I think the Steemit World Map is an undervalued tool on the Steem ecosystem.

If you would like to learn a little bit more about my background in photography you can read the interview @photofeed did with me here

Robert Downie
Love Life, Love Photography

All images in this post were taken by and remain the Copyright of Robert Downie -


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magnata @magnataOctober 2018

Most liked the first photo. She conveys all the greatness of these mountains. They are adorable and at the same time frightening in their greatness. Thank you for the wonderful work.

Thanks. I think the first (portrait) shot seems to be the winner so far.

Well recognizable hues of Provia :) Not easy life with slides, but so much satisfactions later on!
Still regretting selling my Hasselblad with 50mm lens...

Yes I have a love hate relationship with with Film. I miss some aspects of it it but I would not go back it is just too expensive. FYI it is Fuji slide film but it is actually shot with Velvia.

Franz @greddyforceOctober 2018

The second shot is badass! I have never shot film but would love to try that.

Hmm. I might have to turn turn them around ! Everyone seems to like it more.

I have swapped the title shot around ;-)

Franz @greddyforceOctober 2018

Haha, the purple one is distinctive and cool on its own too. But yea for me now the first one wins :D

I like the tighter shot with the rich blue sky. The peak looks somehow more impressive by itself in the clouds. Both exceptional shots btw!

Thanks. That seems to be the consensus ! It is a crazy peak that is for sure.

Fuji Velvia 50 was my favorite film. 100 was ok but 50 was hands down the best color and contrast I've ever seen on film.

Yep. I loved Velvia. Mostly shot with Velvia and Kodachrome and a bit of Provia

ryivhnn @ryivhnnOctober 2018

Some really nice colours at the top of mountains it seems. Its that a little house at the top of the one in the first photo?

It is a top lift station for a ski resort.

Hello and congratulations on winning a daily round of my 7 World´s Continents Photo Challenge. Feel free to attend your winner announcement post to interact with other users by answering some of the comments. Thank you. Have a great day. Tomas

7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge – Australian Monday week #58 – winner announcement!

Thanks !

Adrian @adrianskyOctober 2018

Nothing will ever beat film, Colors Contrast and Highlights!
Love the second shot Rob, That little house and the fog really sets the image!

Thanks. That 'little house' which looks a bit like a cabin is actually quite a large top ski lift station ;-)

Adrian @adrianskyOctober 2018

Correction Cabin" - What kind of film did you use? Looks like Kodak Ektachrome!

They are both taken with Fuji Velvia.

sihirbaz @sihirbazOctober 2018

everyone walks


Nb. I have swapped around the shots so the second is now the first.

nesteal @nestealNovember 2018

Wooow it’s a Wonder of nature amazing

It is