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Travel writing contest

You know how they say: kindness is the language that the blind can see and the deaf can hear. Sometimes you may be encountered from complete strangers in a land you have never been to before. I bet all of you have experienced this kind of situation at least once or twice. It is time to share your best story about the kindness you encountered from strangers while traveling.


  1. Write an article about the kindness you encountered from strangers. It may be a story about a homeless man who shared his last breadcrumbs or about someone who offered some help when you were in a hopeless situation. Just improvise!
  2. Share your post on Twitter using hashtag #[destination] plus your personal comment and tag @travelfeedio.
  3. Post the link of your article and the link of your Tweet in the comment section under this announcement. Both the article and the comment must be posted using
  4. [Optional] Consider following travelfeedio and invisusmundi on Twitter.


Check out the Step by step guide on "How to use the EasyEditor." You will get extra points for enhancing your post with one or more of these elements:

  • Youtube, Facebook or Vimeo video
  • Soundcould or Spotify song
  • Table of contents
  • Instagram post
  • Google Map
  • Interlinking


The article must be posted using

  1. Both the article and the comment must be posted using!
  2. At least 450 words in English;
  3. No copyright violations;
  4. Proper sourcing if you are using any media that is not your own;
  5. The featured image must be of your own!
  6. Recommended title format: "Kindness I encountered from strangers while traveling: [your text here]"
  7. Add the link to this announcement at the end of your post.
  8. Multiple articles written by the same author may participate.


  1. The Total Prize Pool for this contest will be $100 worth of Cryptocurrency! On the last day of the contest, $100 will be used to buy as much Hive Backed Dollars (HBD) as possible. 
  2. All of it will be split among authors that followed all the rules. Keep in mind that TOP authors will get a huge boost in rewards! Quality is everything!
  3. Best articles will be also upvoted by the @travelfeed curation team and pushed to the Trending page where it will get even more attention.
  4. After receiving their rewards contest participants will be free to choose what to do with their winnings: sell, hold or exchange to other cryptocurrencies.
  5. Things to consider: try to tell an interesting story rather than describing photos, sometimes a few nice images may tell more than a thousand words, usually simple nice-looking formatting without unnecessary modifications is the best choice.


The topic of the previous contest was "What makes your hometown unique." The 500 HIVE prize pool was split among 18 authors. I am happy to announce that most of the articles that participated in the contest were of super high quality. How does a high quality article look like? Check out this peace of art written by team member Elsa.

Rewards were distributed using the simplest distribution method ever. All articles that met the criteria got from 5 to 10 points. To support quality over quantity TOP1-3 authors were given +20 points, TOP4-5 +10 points, TOP6-9 +5 points each. The total number of points happened to be 235. It means that 1 point = 2.128 HIVE. For example, if the author got 8 points, he/she received 8*2.128=17.021 HIVE.

Congratulations to TOP5 authors: @gabrielatravels (63.84 HIVE), @ybanezkim26 (63.84 HIVE), and @travelfury (63.84 HIVE). @astinmin (40.432 HIVE), and @dexpartacus (40.432 HIVE).

Other participants who received rewards from the prize pool were @julee, @alfredmusic, @marcybetancourt, @floridanow, @irisworld, @jacuzzi, @rypo01, @sampraise, @zkalemiss, @aranda, @olivia08, @rosana6,@mais-tro.


Value-adding is the main thing to consider when writing a post for your travel blog. Imagine you are a reader who found your article on the search engine. Is it informative? Is it interesting to read? However, all these things won't matter if the first impression is bad and the reader leaves your page after 3 seconds. I will share 3 great tools to enhance your blog post!

  1. Grammarly - this tool will correct most of your grammar mistakes. They offer a free to download Desktop app but for authors, I highly recommend downloading their Chrome/Brave extension.
  2. Hemingway Editor - another powerful tool to enhance your writing. I'm not a native English speaker myself. My sentences are usually long and hard to read. If you use passive voice too often or your text has too many adverbs, Hemingway Editor will help you to fix this.
  3. - online tool for picture editing. Imagine you took a picture of a beautiful castle and later noticed that the dirty rubbish bin on the corner of the photo ruins the overall picture. In this case please consider trimming it with Canva.

Please remember, that adding 3 good quality pictures to your article is x9 times better than adding 15 average ones. Don't use fancy fonts as they may look nice, but they also make your text super difficult to read. Always consider adding one or two links to other posts of the same topic. Youtube videos may be a good addition too. Especially if they are yours.

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May the Games Begin!
Tautvydas! (Tot)

P. S. If you have questions or need some advice, text me on Twitter.