I didn't saw winter like this for many years. Actually this kind of weather was the main reason for me, to go on my never ending trip. Now I can even enjoy it, but not for long of course. Now I'm back to Saint-Petersburg Russia just for few weeks, and I'm so "lucky" to came in the coldest moment of this winter. 

 It is around -20 every day but with a lot of sun. That's really surprising because normally its only 60 sunny days in the year and most of them in summer and autumn. You can say -20 it's not that cold, but it is Saint-P -20 and that's different thing. I saw some people from Siberia where -50 its normal every winter temperature, but when they come here they start crying at -15 already. Because of humidity and wind frost come till your bones. 

So when sun vising this city everybody stops with all deals and go to walk. Saint-P it is the city of rivers and channels, some people call it Northern Venice. When channels get frozen and it is sunny outside, people go to walk on the ice. Yeah it's kind of dangerous, but locals, and tourists go there anyway.

 Government wants to cut possibility to cross main river by the ice, and big ice breaker boat breaks the ice in the middle of Neva river once a week. But Russians always liked a risk, more risk more fun! So they don't care about ice was broken and there is no any guaranty it will hold their weight. Stream there is more than 10 meters per second, and if you fell in water it's no chance to survive.

 But nobody believes it will happen to him. This broken line looks really scary, but for nice shot I also join this crazy movement for a second. 

When sun was nearly gone and I wanted to go out, I saw man with the bike drawing graffiti on the snow. I thought OK this guy really crazy bicycle enthusiast, and make few shots with him, after I climb up and go to make last photo from the bridge.

There was the graffiti guy, and he asked me to make shot specially for him with his art, I looked at him and recognize that he is actually my old friend and I don't seen him for last 7 years. So now I can say that this photography day brings me not only photos and fun.. PS As always sorry for my English, here its even worse than usual. When I'm in Russia I am in constant hangover, so many people to meet..

 My name is Timon, and I am on the slowest worldwide cruise ever. In 2011 I left the country where I was born and since then I'm traveling supa slow. My plan is to go Around the world in 80 years..

  • What is the point? - I want Just look around, have a lot of fun and make things I'm interested on. It will take time.
  • Why so long? - Because I really want to see how people live and what this place is for me, so I stay some time in each spot, and it's so many.. 
  • How long I stay? - Not too long, not too short, it's really depends on many things.. 
  • Am I so rich to just travel..? - No not at all. It is what making this trip a bit more complicated but still awesome and interesting. 
  • Am I serious? - No, not really. But still on my road..

The Biggest part of my way so far was by Sea and Ocean, 7 years I spent on my boat, and last 3 of them on a little island in Atlantic Ocean. For the moment I'm back on the dry land, and I can find a lot of fun here as well.

Original photos / Canon 600D / Canon 28mm / Saint-Petersburg / Russia / February 2018 /

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