I finished the magistracy in Italy for a long time. But graduation and presentation of diplomas (which our entire group received by mail), in my case, took place only in October.

I already wrote about my magistracy, about how it all began, and partially, as it ended.

Now it's time to put a bullet in the last chapter of my history of obtaining a master's degree in "Project Management."

So, as usual ... step-by-step.

I received an invitation to the graduation ceremony in the summer, although I knew approximately in the winter when this event would take place. In truth, I thought for a long time to go or not.

First, far away. With transplant day fly. Secondly, there is no time, the swamp called work swallowed me up. And thirdly, this little ride was not cheap. But, succumbing to the entreaties of parents, classmates and friends (surrendered in a couple of seconds, did not break for a long time), I started collecting documents for VISA.

In order to apply for a visa to Italy, you need to make an online appointment with the consulate on a special system. I like noodles, booked myself an appointment in the consulate, and then my curiosity took up, and poking through various tabs on the site, I switched to the Italian consulate in Moscow. But she didn’t find such a magic button to go back to the Seoul representation.

Moscow site was not so interesting. My long calls, letters ... with a request to return my account back to Seoul, turned into endless kicking and dumping of this case from one consulate to another. Moscow sent to Seoul, and Seoul to Moscow.

As a result, created a new account and booked a new appment. No curiosity anymore. And I coolly closed the window with online booking.

I got the visa quite easily. Once she came in and handed over the entire package of documents, after 2 weeks she came again to pick up a passport with a visa already affixed.

Then it was time to buy tickets and book a place to sleep. My friends and I decided to recall the happy student years and rented an apartment together.

And I took the tickets with a transfer in China, since it was not very long, only 5 hours. If we take into account that there was already experience and almost 24 hours of waiting in the transit area at a small Almaty airport, then these 5 hours were in a huge Beijing airport flew quickly, like blinking an eye.

From Beijing to Milan to fly 11 hours ... They feed well, there is Wi-Fi, though not at super fast speed. But as it is, you can sleep peacefully, if of course you are lucky with your neighbors.

Arriving in Milan early in the morning, I waited for my girlfriend, who was supposed to arrive on the same day, only an hour later than me. And then we went to the city together. In our favorite Milan, the fashion capital.

A friend had an Italian bank account, which she had been trying to close for almost a year, but the clerks at the bank didn’t particularly contribute to this, but they clearly wrote off all commissions for all kinds of services. Clearly every month ...

Even having appointed the appointment in advance, and having come to the bank office itself, it was possible to close the account only after a scandal. And so at first they said that it was impossible to close, that it was necessary to come in 2 weeks. But it was worth scandal, because the account was closed in minutes.

So the first half of the day in Milan, we went to clarify relations with the bank.

And then we went in search of our orphanage for a couple of days of “holidays” in Milan.

It turned out that the apartment was not located in the very center, although in airbnb it was said that the apartment was located in Navigli district and close to the Duomo. Well, in principle, 20 minutes before the Duomo could get there, if you do not take into account another 10 minutes that we stomped from the apartment to the metro.

But the apartment was very comfortable and clean. And most importantly, there was a small courtyard, where we had breakfast in the morning, and at night just sat and chatted, breathing fresh air. It so happened that during our stay in Milan the weather was wonderful summer.

To be continued....


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