Bella Italia. Part II

Iris @irisworldJanuary 2019 · 5 min read

Our first day in Milan flew by. We were very tired.

First, they did not really sleep the night before the flight. Secondly, on the road I was actually a day, maybe even with a tail. Thirdly, the working days before the trip were not easy.

I remember that we settled in the apartment after lunch. To get into it was another quest. At first it was necessary to be able to open the front door by calling the owner of the apartment. Then it was necessary to open the door to the entrance, again calling the owner. In the instructions that the owner sent us in advance, there was something like “dial the code 1111, then click on the 'Call' button. Click on it every 6-7 seconds until the door opens. ”

Then we had to open another door - the door to the apartment. Here, too, was the instruction: “The apartment is on the first floor. The door to the apartment is located opposite the elevator. On the door there is a small safe. Open it from top to bottom ( it turned out that this lid closes on top. And I also, when I received the instruction, I thought how to open it from top to bottom. It turned out very simple ) Then enter the code 1111 and press the buttons on the side ”.

Everything was done strictly according to the instructions. And woo-ala, the safe door opened, and there was a key. In general, we completed the mission, the door to the apartment was opened, although it was necessary to suffer from it.

Slightly unpacking the suitcases, we decided it was time to have lunch. Moreover, in the tummy is already beginning to rumble. As always, there was a fiesta in the nearest cafes, but right across the street there was a 24/7 supermarket.

We went, bought food and quickly prepared a normal healthy meal. All sorts of pizza and spaghetti wait.

While we ate and rested a bit, the time was already 4 hours. For lunchtime, it was already late and fraught with sleepwalking in the middle of the night. Therefore, we decided to run away from a soft bed with a warm blanket, so as not to succumb to the temptation ... And we went to the heart of Milan - to the Duomo.

As always, there are many people on the Duomo, and there are even more pigeons.

We walked through the familiar streets, looked into a couple of shops. Ate a piece of pizza in Spontini. With this institution we are associated memories.

And by 7-8 hours, when the eyes were already stuck together, the legs became wadded, and the brain did not want to work at all. In short, our batteries sat down and we, with all our might, went home. And there is a shower, a bed ... and everything is a failure in memory. We are so tired that we didn't notice how we fell asleep. But it was surprising that although they fell asleep after 11 at night, they woke up almost with roosters.

With new forces we had breakfast, gathered and went on a walk around Milan.

The second day was not less intense than the first. We walked through several outlet stores selling branded items. The concept of outlet means good discounts. In principle, they were. Percent 50-70. Although there were things that were discounted for under 2,000 euros.

Strolling through the shops, we went to a casual cafe, where there were several different dishes in the window, starting with salads, pasta and spaghetti, and ending with fragrant pastries. We chose there what we want and how much we want. I took 200 grams of pesto pasta and 100 grams of eggplant salad. And this snack cost me only 5 euros. It turned out all very satisfying and tasty.

Having pleased the stomach, and ourselves, we went on a walk through the streets of Milan. In fact, they wanted to make a small shopping, they were looking for good and relatively inexpensive shoes, but in the end they returned home with food and a picture for 10 euros, bought from one of the street artists.

But the evening is still far ...

That day we still wandered to Brera. I love this street, but rather the area. Everything here is very nice and cozy. And it seems to me that Brera is different from the whole of Milan.

But our adventures of the second day in Milan did not end there. After Brera, another special place awaited us ... But more about that next time!

To be continued.


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Iris @irisworldJanuary 2019

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