According to the plan, it was necessary to leave the house at 8 am, as the ceremony began at 10 o'clock, but it was necessary to come in advance and receive the mantle.

And if you leave the house at 8 am, you had to wake up at 6 am with a tail in order to have time to wash and dress up. In fact, everything turned out quite differently.

We left the house closer to 9. We arrived at the desired metro station. Reached uni. It remains the easiest - to find the right building. They went around the whole university in a circle ... and they found the entrance. When logged in, everyone was already well dressed in robes.

We ran to find where these treasured robes were distributed. Quickly packed, and, a little breathless, found our group.

And then began hugging, kissing. Flattering sincere admiration of the type "how you prettier / a" , "how you lost weight" see you ", " how I missed you / a " and everything in that spirit. In fact, I was very glad to see everyone, although there were guys who I didn’t communicate with, but I was connected with them by a long and thorny path called magistracy.

We entered the hall in pairs and in turn, that is, in groups depending on the specialty. The first long hours of 3 went to the touching speeches of the director of each program; we probably have something like the head of the department.

Then for another hour listened to two graduates. The guy pushed a very touching and long speech, after which no one listened to the girl. It was thought that he had been preparing this speech from the very first days of his magistracy.

Then they began to call us onto the stage in turns, and the Rector of the Business School, as well as the program director, were awarded diplomas.

Then there were group photos, throwing caps in the air. And of course there was a buffet. And what is the buffet without champagne? That's right, no. And what an Italian buffet without coffee and pasta? That's right, too, no.

So, we had a little snack, bubbles of champagne on an empty stomach quickly did their work, and we had a lot of fun chatting and gossiping with each other.

And then we went home ...

But all this is not so important. More importantly, after so much time, we got together again. A year has passed since we finished the magistracy, but it seemed like an eternity.

Almost everyone found a good job. Someone even managed to get married or marry. Someone during this time traveled a bunch of countries. In general, the topics for conversation were the sea. The only problem is that the tongue is tired and the throat is sore.

After an appetizer, we went for a walk on - to the local club. I got to the door of the club and realized that if I didn’t go home now, I would definitely spend the night with local bums somewhere. Thank God, my girlfriend in the apartment was of the same opinion, and we - old women went home.

At home we had a shower. At this point, I'm sorry, without comments and details.
After that, we had the last day in Milan, which flew very quickly, and was full of events, like everylast day.

To be continued.


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