Hello! Hello! South Korea is on air!

I'm finally back on the Voice! I promised you in my last article to tell about my adventures among the hectic Korean weekdays and gone. You probably already forgot what I promised you there. But we have to remember.

I used to promise to keep my promises, albeit with an indefinite term.

In fact, during my absence from Steemit, there was so much in my real life, which means that I have many stories I would like to share with you. My list of topics is growing, in one word ...

Well, last time, among the colorful fireworks, I let slip about other events of that busy day.

On that very day ... a annual Beauty Fair was held in South Korea.

It should be noted that every year this fair becomes more and more interesting. I remember when five years ago I visited this fair for the first time, about 50 companies participated in it. And all the companies were local.

Entrance to such an exhibition is paid, and usually costs about $ 5. But! If you register for it in advance online, you can get free invitations, which are then exchanged for tickets at the entrance to the special box office.

This year, not only was there a lot more companies, but the fair also moved to the international level (in terms of selling companies). Previously, the fair could be called international, only if we take into account foreign buyers.

But this year, not only Korean companies came to present their products to the world, but also companies from China, India, Russia and many other countries. But I didn’t go deep into these details, especially since I came to the exhibition late and on the last day.

The exhibition itself or the fair took 3 days. From morning to evening. And despite the fact that I came on the last day and relatively late, an exhibition hall the size of a football field (or maybe not one) was like a noisy anthill.

People are running around, looking at something, the sellers are explaining something and showing that cash registers are constantly ringing and Korean banknotes are being passed from one hand to another. Wallets of buyers lose weight, and with it the eyes of sellers are filled with happiness.

In addition to private buyers, representatives of various companies who are looking for suppliers of certain goods come to the exhibition. They agree, conclude contracts.

This year, the Beauty Exhibition was held along with the Nail Exhibition. After all, the female half of the world today does not go beyond the threshold of the house until it manicures or pedicures. So on nails all sorts of things, sparkles, pebbles, beads, stickers and other tinsel was presented at the exhibition in abundance.

Such an exhibition-fair is like a large wholesale market that takes place only once a year, because ants people from all over the world come here and collect everything they can carry.

And yet, this year this exhibition was held twice. First in Seoul, and then in the suburbs. Apparently, beauty still requires sacrifice, attention and time.

For lovers of all sorts of stuff for beauty, this exhibition has the same effect as the popular sales for shopaholics.


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