Good day to all! I suggest you today to make a short tour of Korean delicacies and get to know the local cuisine.

With all the rich assortment of Korean cuisine, I probably will not be able to introduce you, at least in one article, otherwise you will be tired :)

I'll tell you about my main menu last summer.

We will have a full course, starting with salads instead of an appetizer, smoothly proceeding to the main courses, and of course, finish this meal with dessert.

Well? Ready for the experiment Korean dinner ?!

Frankly, when I came to Korea, the first time was very difficult in terms of eating. First, I did not know the names of dishes, except rolls kimab and rice with a bunch of different salads < em> bibimbap , which you often see in Korean dramas or travel programs. Probably, a bibimbap is the same dish that 90% of tourists or foreigners who come to Korea for the first time offer. Probably, because it is very simple and not so sharp. More precisely, hot sauce is added to taste.

Personally, I believe that there are other dishes in the Korean cuisine that are much tastier and which better represent Korean cuisine. Although vegetarians, of course, prefer bibimbap.

In any Korean cafe, the main dish is served with a few small saucers with salads that can be eaten in unlimited quantities. Sometimes you think, why order something else, if you can eat salads ... And sometimes as a salad can serve and tinned sausages, or egg rolls, or fried tofu.

In some cafes only 1-3 salads are served, and in some, these small saucers with salads take up almost the entire table.

You probably know or guess that in the east, a lot of rice is eaten. So, Koreans practically at every meal eat rice. And rice is also different. A simple rice, rice with various additives such as beans, millet, black rice and so on.

It's time to go to the main dishes.

I thought for a long time what to deliciously surprise you with ... My favorite spicy kimchichege (kimchi soup), known to all tourists bibimbap (fig vegetables), or go for radical measures and visit a cafe with roasted in spicy sauce octopus chukkumi...

Thought, thought ... and decided to stop at the golden middle - the pulgos.

Pulkeogi are probably the second Korean dish that tourists eat. Firstly, it is not sharp, but on the contrary, a little sweetish, which may not appeal to everyone. Secondly, the main ingredient is meat, a lot of meat. This is finely dressed stewed beef. In the dish, a special kind of mushrooms similar to cloves are added. And starch noodles. My tribes call it glass because the noodles are translucent. Unlike simple flour noodles, from starch noodles do not get better, well, or at least not so much.

And of course, as in any other dish, spicery is added to the bulbs.

Pulkogi can serve differently. Sometimes it's just an ordinary Korean cast-iron cup. And in some specialized cafes you serve a "saucepan", which is put on the gas and the dish is cooked right in front of you. Usually such dishes are served at least for two. So, it is better to go to such cafes with someone. Personally, I prefer these kinds of cafes. The dish is prepared right in front of you, or even have to cook it yourself ..., well, how to cook - a ladle periodically mix it, as all the ingredients are put in advance in the pan in the kitchen. The dish is cooked for about 5 minutes. And since it is on fire, do not be afraid that it will cool down quickly.

The very name of the dish from Korean means fire meat, as it is traditionally cooked on open fire.

It is believed that this dish appeared in the distant 7-8 century. In the state of Koguryo, it was then called "mekcheok" (fried meat on the spit), and in the state of Joseon it was called nibiani or thinly sliced meat. And the dish was considered royal.
Today, in Korea there are even hamburgers bulkogi. In them, instead of the standard meatball cutlet, the meat of bulgogi.

Bon Appetit! About Korean dessert - in the next article!


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