Winter but warm greetings from South Korea! Maybe someone else remembers me. Something I completely lost ...

I don’t even remember when I last wrote to my personal blog and for the community. I have time to look, read articles, news, but I already need more time to participate in discussions. The list of topics in my head and in a notebook that I so want to share with readers is growing and growing.

I was going to write about Christmas, because the streets all over Korea were decorated with Christmas attire in early November. But the Christmas theme will have to leave the next time, and today we will talk about the New Year!

New Year's holidays around the world actually ended, and many began working days again. In Korea, January 2, everyone was already in the workplace.

But, in a couple of weeks there will be holidays in Korea again, the New Year will come to us again, but only by the eastern calendar. So, in the Asian part of the world we will once again meet the mumps.

I already wrote about Lunar New Year in Korea in russian language . I will translate it into English tomorrow.

And again I was distracted from the topic ...

So, the New Year in Korea used to be the most common day. I remember 10 years ago, when on December 31 we went out into the street, it did not even smell like a holiday. Students still went to classes, comrades to work went to work, there were no New Year discounts or congratulations in stores. And all the Christmas trees and Christmas decorations have remained since Christmas.

At 12 at night, the chimes were not beaten. So the holiday had to arrange themselves.

But times are changing, in Korea, more and more something new appears, “brought” from abroad. And this year, the New Year has already been felt. Although not the same as in the CIS countries.

Many cafes and restaurants, including Russians, organized a festive program and a buffet, the cost per person varied from $ 100 to $ 200, and where higher. On the main square and in some other districts they organized concerts right on the street. Everywhere people walked, mostly young people and couples.

How to spend the new year, I thought since the summer. There were many ideas and plans: A, B, C ... As a result, after finishing work after 9 pm, there was no desire or strength to meet the new year. But I didn’t feel like cracking at home either.

In bars and restaurants, too, did not want to go, because how not a holiday, so celebrate where you can eat or drink. Therefore, my friends and I decided to try something new.

Googling, we learned that there would also be a festive program in the Buddhist temple of Ponyns, that the main monk would read the prayer, or as it is called in Buddhism ... Salutes and concerts will also be there.

And most importantly, it will be possible to knock on the sacred bell. And such a chance falls only once a year. After dinner in the restaurant, we went to the temple.

Despite the cold, there was a long line in the temple. Everyone wanted to knock on the bell. The organizers put gas heaters, we stocked hatpacks (warming bags, which in Korea are just like a magic wand in winter).

Although I myself am not a Buddhist, I sometimes go to the temple only with tourists, but it still seems to me that there is a special atmosphere in Buddhist temples. And knocking on this centuries-old bell, I naively believe that the mumps will be merciful to me this year.

February 5 in Korea will be a holiday! This local new year, which is celebrated in the circle of relatives and friends. We will rest for five days, including weekends.

At work, most companies give their employees gifts or money. Parents give children denyuzhku too, and those in return bow to them.

At our company, the company acted very cleverly. They opened a special online market, where everyone chooses a gift somewhere for $ 100. The amount of gifts is different, if the selected gift exceeds $ 100, then the difference should be paid from your pocket. It is a lot of gifts, beginning from food, finishing with different equipment.

I chose a vacuum cleaner. On the Internet on other sites, it costs almost $ 800, and in the company's store only $ 90. I think it’s a good deal.

In the city, on the streets and in shops hang festive posters. The stores sell Korean-style gift baskets. Similar to the ones that were on Chuseok.

This is how winter passes in Korea! Happy New Year everyone! Let the pig give you and your loved ones happiness, bring good luck and gold!

P.S. I, like a pseudo-journalist, got the camera by the end of the celebration


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