I have a list of countries in which I dream to visit. And in this list were the United Arab Emirates. Sooner or later, dreams come true. I decided to combine business with pleasure, work with rest, leaving South Korea for a short time ...

The most-most country in the world

The United Arab Emirates is considered the most-most country in the world. It is here that the highest in the world skyscraper Burj Khalifa. In the UAE is the largest area in the world, which is covered with sand (Rub al-Khali). The tourism industry is recognized as the fastest growing in the world. The UAE is one of the safest countries in the world. This was noted at the World Economic Forum in 2016. Here is the world's highest hotel Gevora (75 floors). In Dubai, the doors to the world's largest amusement park IMG Worlds of Adventure. And most recently appeared and the biggest Mickey Mouse, made of flowers. Flag size 70h35 meters recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, as the largest in the world. This list of the most-most in the UAE can continue, and I think that it will still be replenished.

City of a million lights


Alas, for a long time to go to the UAE did not work, and therefore, I issued a transit visa, which was made in less than a day, through the airlines Fly Dubai, which flew to Dubai. To obtain a transit visa, you must provide the following documents:

  • Tickets for the plane (in the UAE and from the UAE);
  • Photo 3x4;
  • Passport.

No copies of hotel reservations are needed. After filling in the questionnaire, you simply need to pay a visa (approximately $ 85). The visa was sent to me by e-mail, I printed it and that's it! You can fly to the UAE. Transit visa is issued for 96 hours, i.е. 4 days. And it operates within 30 days from the date of issue.

My shelter

One of the main issues of any trip is the question of accommodation. I'm used to soft and warm blankets, air cushions, and just to cozy and clean rooms. Hotels in the UAE a dime a dozen ... And choose the most optimal option - the task is not easy. I read reviews about the most different hotels, starting from 5 stars and ending with apartments, the owners of which did not call for trust. In the end, I chose the hotel Rove Trade Center (three-star). In the UAE there is a network of these hotels. Selected by me relatively new, opened only last year.

Firstly, the hotel has a very interesting interior. On the walls of graffiti, and in the restaurant hang multi-colored plates. It is better to show than to speak. So voila in the studio a few photos with the interior.

Hotel Interior

Secondly, you can zacheynitsya in the room sooner than expected, and without any questions. In Dubai, I landed very early, at 7 am. And from the airport to the hotel by taxi can be reached in thirty minutes. So I was 9 hours earlier. At the reception I was asked if I wanted to move into my room now? Well, is it possible to answer "No" to such a question ?! Without thinking twice, I agreed. For 5 minutes they issued all the documents and I was given a key card from my number. The luggage porter himself delivered to my room.


Taxis go by the counter. From the airport - the starting price of 25 dirhams (about 7-8 dollars), and the hotels and shopping centers - about 12 dirhams. And if you catch a taxi on the road, then the starting price is only 5 dirham, i.е. almost 2 dollars. The cost of the trip depends on the distance, not the time (as in South Korea), and for about 1 km they take about 1.45 dirhams (about 0.40 US dollars). UBER is also in the UAE, but I would not advise it. Why? Because it is unprofitable.

And there are women's taxis in the UAE. At the wheel of a woman, and sit in a taxi is allowed only to the fair sex. Identifying such cars is easy. The roof is light pink in color. Unfortunately, I did not have time to ride. Only saw a couple of times.

Service and breakfast in the hotel

From the room I left later, at about 5 pm, although the official check-out time at the hotel is 2 pm.

The hotel has a free swimming pool and a gym, which is very convenient. They are located on the second floor of the hotel. There is also a small entertainment corner with mini-football, basketball, table football, tennis and comfortable sofas. However, in this hotel corner, I just looked at it once. I had a busy schedule.

On the ground floor, in addition to the reception and restaurant, there is a small grocery store, which operates 24 hours a day.

Breakfast at the hotel is different every day. In addition to the main course to be ordered, there is a buffet in the cafe, with all sorts of yummies such as yoghurts and salads. A coffee machine with 4 types of coffee and freshly squeezed juices. Well, to my great joy, every day for breakfast were watermelons. I have not eaten normal watermelons for several years. In Korea they are super expensive and tasteless.

Another convenient service in the hotel is a free shuttle bus (or shuttle bus) to the largest shopping mall in Dubai - Dubai Mall, Dubai Trade Center Mall, Kite Beach, and the Rove Downtown Hotel. Buses run strictly on schedule, which can be found in the hotel lobby.
Another plus - at the reception there are Russian-speaking staff.

To be continued.


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