A walk in the Como Lake city - Europe Diary Part #2

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Another amazing day in Lake Como

Hey guys

This is the second part of my trip to Como lake. In the first part, I took you with me to Bellagio by boat, which is one of the best ways to see Lake Como and its beautiful colorful houses. If you haven't read it by now and wish to check out, here is the link Part 1

I woke up early around 7 am while Chris was still sleeping, and went to the lake which was close to the hotel, some 2 mins walk...I spent around an hour sitting there, looking at the ducks, feeding them, looking at kids feeding the ducks, and felt such a strong connection, I was actually crying from happiness, it was so pure, so calm and so gorgeous. and I cannot forget how the sun sparkled on the sea. Later Chris joined me too and we shared some of our past stories and our crushes and love life..and of course, we both had a crush on George Clooney, well who doesnt...haha..(He has a villa in Lake Como which makes this place more famous)






Check out the video and see Chris struggle witht he birds..hahaha


Royal Late Breakfast at Place Hotel Como


The hotel is right next to the lake in Como city and no one can miss it. At one look only we both loved the architecture of the hotel from outside and stepped inside to check more, and was impressed by its restaurant.
Chris wanted to treat me here so we decided to have our breakfast, which we both thoroughly enjoyed, because of its elegant atmosphere and a perfect menu for breakfast.



Rest of the day we spent hopping from one cafe to another, shopping and just wandering around.

Happy Shoppers


Cafe Monti

A great spot to pick up a coffee before you set off to your sightseeing. And its right next to the lake so you will have amazing view while you have your snacks. :)




I also had a Sicilian Arancini, which was one of my fav street food in Milan, especially when going to college, could just grab it and have on the go. And it comes in the vegetarian filling as well. Happy me.
These are fried rice balls stuffed with sauce, peas, and mozzarella.

Como Cathedral

Duomo di Como or popularly known as Como cathedral is one the key landmarks of Como city, the cathedral is of Santa Maria that dates back to 14th century, it is completely made of marble and has both gothic and Rennaisance style architecture and statues.







Beautiful , divine dome of the Cathedral was designed by Filippo Juvarra, Como Cathedral

Architecture at Como City



I was to spend just a day at Lake Como but instead, I spent 3. It was so gorgeous and peaceful.
From the cafes to the shops its a treat to just wander around and enjoy your day.

It was time to wrap and bid goodbye only to come back soon.


I hope you enjoyed reading my post and I am grateful for every Upvote, Resteem, and Comment. Until next time! 😍

All photos and content by @itravelarts

Love. Swati ❤️

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Looks like a beautiful locale!

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Amazing photos! I like the photo of a duck!


thank you @sweettais


You're definitely right about George Clooney! High five!!!


😍 then you may want to visit this place who knows you might get to meet him.. 😍


Trust me, I did try when I went a few years ago, and that was before he was married. He was nowhere to be seen ^_^


Haha..😂.. I remember when the boat guy told everyone about his villa, we all were so excited to have a glimpse like he was going to be thr..

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howdy itravelarts! wow I'm stunned. What a blessing to be able to see such magnificent sites and structures! I can see why you got addicted to travel, it is truly amazing!