In this video i'll take you to Mataram on Lombok, Indonesia. Mataram is the biggest city on Lombok and the capital of West Nusa Tenggara. Lombok is right besides Bali, perhaps not as known as Bali. We decided to explore this island because it is not that touristy and has a lot of gems to offer.

But what about Mataram?

Mataram is situated close to the coast but not directly touching the sea. That means it has no city beach. On trip advisor you won't find a lot of recommendations of spots to see. So we decided to explore with no plans. watch the video and join us exploring this city and in the end i'll tell you my conclusion if this city is worth a visit.

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What i realized

"This world has more to offer than we can explore in a lifetime.", so what are you waiting for? go out there and explore this beautiful planet.

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