My buddy Pascalcito and me went on a roadtrip to Barcelona and had a week (seven days) to spend in this fantastic city. We beat each other through great cafes, bars, restaurants with its spanish food culture. Explored the unique architecture of the famous architect Antoni Gaudí and dove right into Barcelona's crazy nightlife.

After the struggleful road trip through switzerland france and spain we made it to our main goal, Barcelona! So we returned the rental car at the airport of Barcelona and returned hopped on a night bus which brought us to the old town of Barcelona where our hotel was situated. A late night check-in, entered our room and fell asleep like tutankhamun in his graveyard.

The next day we were awakened by the shining sun. Put on some sneakers and walked all the way to the famous Park Güell.

The Vlog

I filmed along the way and made a short film of our adventures in Barcelona. Lean back and enjoy the ride and subscribe to my channel for more to come.

Park Güell

After a lot of walking through the streets of Barcelona we made it to the Park Güell. Unfortunately all the tickets were sold out so we bought some for the next day. nevertheless there is a free part of the park we walked through and behind the park you can walk up a hill to a viewpoint called mirador virolai, there you have an amazing view on the city.


Thats what i call adecent window view.



Tickets to enter the park.


Views on the way up to the park.

Perfect Spots


The famous Sagrada Familia


the Arc de Triomf.


La Catedral

The Hotelroom

We stayed at the Ilunion Almirante Hote which is situated besides the old town. I can highly recommend the hotel and the views from the balcony where amazing!






Casa Batlló

This building is one of my favourites in Barcelona, also designed by Antoni Gaudi. The round shapes, soft blue tiles in the patio and the terrace from another world makes this building so unique.


The facade of Casa Batlló with the skull formed balconies.




Pascalcito on the staircase.


The amazing Patio inside the building.


Naturally ventilated rooms.

I hope you enjoyed this adventure with us in Barcelona. I'll bet no matter how much time you spend in this city you've never see it all. The diversity is huge and there are so many exciting corners. I hope this inspired you to travel or awakened old memories!


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