How much does it cost to travel?

Ivan Snz @ivansnzOctober 2019 · 3 min read

How much does travel cost?
You want to know how much it costs to travel around the world? How much money do you need to travel? How to calculate a travel budget for your road trip? How much will you need? I'll gonna answer those questions how you can set up a budget very precisely for your travels. I'll show you where i research prices and how i calculate the costs. It don't matters where you are traveling from or to. This technique helps you to research prices and get a pretty precise budget for your trip!

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Main Expenses

To simplify the calculations we are going to split the costs in three main sections. In my experience you will spend the most money on those three sections:


Besides those sections you will be spending money on tours, sights and nightlife. These activities vary from person to person. so you got to figure them out for yourself and add them to the calculation.

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Where to research costs?

Nomadlist (food & accommodation)
Skyscanner (flights)
Bookings (accommodation)
Tripadvisor (tours & sights)
and use a search engine to research specific costs.

perfspots breaker
perfspots breaker

The Formula

When you have all the travel cost gathered and researched simply sum them up with this formula:

[fixed costs (flights, tours, entries)] + [variable costs (food, accommodation, transport )]*[Amount of days traveling (in a certain country)]

This might look complicated but it really is not! lets make a travel cost example.

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Example Travel Cost Calculation

Fixed Costs
Flights (roundtrip) 1200 USD
Tours 150 USD
Shows 50 USD
Total = 1400 USD
Variable Costs
Hotel (per night) 22 USD
Food* (calculate every meal) 25 USD
Transportation 10 USD
Total = 57 USD
Amount of days traveling
Amount of days in a specific (researched) country = 21 Days
Travel Cost Formula
1400 USD + [57 USD * 21 Days] = 2597 USD

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In this shown example the whole trip is going to cost around 2597 USD. If you are planing a world round trip or travels to different countries, you have to calculate the variable costs individually and multiply them with the amount of days you are staying in this specific country. Fixed cost stays fixed costs but the cost of living like food, accommodation and transportation vary from country to country.

You might realize the more time you put into the research of the costs and the more precise you calculate the more accurate your budget calculation will be. If you don't want to plan and calculate for hours, simply throw in some numbers of the biggest sections like flights, accommodation and budget for food. Then you'll get a rough idea of your spending's.
I hope this is useful and if you have any questions feel free to hit me up.

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travel map
travel map

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Well it depends on the conutry mostly you can travel to Serbia and live there for a month for an easy 400$ the food nights out and hotels are super cheap compared to other.

Ivan Snz @ivansnzOctober 2019

Exactly thats what i wrote in the conclusion. You got to calculate depending on the costs of living. If you want to calculate a world round trip you gotta do the math for every single country you will visit.


I'm thinking about going for a fitness certification to Toronto, Ontario (not the cheapest place i know) and your traveling skills would come handy to me in order to save some bucks.

Couchsurfing is already on my options, anything else?

PS: Your review will be very well appreciated on my latest article: "Soy: An Unbiased Reality"