Five must-eat fruits in Singapore!

Ivna @ivna
· a month ago · 2 min read · Singapore · #food

1. Soursop

This is soursop or Annona muricata from Annona genus. Incredibly sweet, full and slightly sourish, refreshing taste. It resembles the taste of pineapple, strawberry and apple, but having the soft and very very juicy banana-like texture. Definitely one of my favorites! Soursop juice and desserts are popular in Singapore, you can also but the whole piece for approximately 15SGD. I would recommend buying it per piece at fruits stands for 2-3 SGD and eating it right away* - fresh and cold!

*do not eat seeds, they are poisonous

2. Dragonfruit

One of the fruits I could eat every single day. Dragonfruit is the coolest fruit of all - the plant it grows on is a cactus. When I tried it for the first time, it wasn't nothing special for me, but eventually I end up eating it almost every morning. It tastes like a bit tasteless kiwi and the structure is similar, yet it's very refreshing and healthy. Tastewise, there is no huge difference between white and red dragonfruit, except red one is sweeter.

3. Mango

I've tried mangoes before, but they have never been so juicy and deliciously and sweet! In every store there will be at least three different species of mangoes (there are more that 400 species of mango in the world!). When in Singapore looking for mangoes - check out Indian Mustafa store, except many other things, they have variety of fresh mangoes.

4. Durian

Of course, king of the fruits. Many people don't like it's smell, but I find it quite okay, smells like a very ripe fruit. Its taste is strong, sweet, rich, buttery and fulfilling. Peak season is in August and that's when their price is most affordable. Off-season, one piece (4-5kg) can cost up to 100SGD. The package of two seeds we bought in the middle of season was 5SGD.

5. Mangosteen 

Last but not least - mangosteen! Special, sweet and refreshing taste makes it the queen of the fruits. Inside a hard shell, there are 4 to 8 gentle, white and juicy flesh pulp segments. Once you start eating it, you can't stop.

Where to buy fresh fruits? Wetmarkets are the perfect place to buy variety of tasty fruits.


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I approve of this plant-based posts.
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Ivna @ivnaa month ago

Yay! Thank you @travelfeed and thank you @mrprofessor for curation :)

That dragon fruit looks so cool on the inside, I've never seen one of those! And thanks for telling us that the seeds on the first one are poisonous, I'd possibly die \o\

Apart from Mangoes, everything you've showed is new to me, found it interesting.

Ivna @ivnaa month ago

Yeees, dragonfruit is the very first fruit I noticed here just because of it's cool appearance :)
The good thing about soursop's seeds is they are impossible to chew and are really big. I am sure it would come naturally to you not to eat them haha!

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Ivna @ivnaa month ago

Hey, thanks for warm welcome

cool! the dragon fruit however, was a bit of a let down for me. It just tastes like ... nothing ;)

Ivna @ivnaa month ago

Same for me when I tried it for the first time.. it was like tasteless kiwi. But soon I started loving it because of how gentle and refreshing it is 😄

okay, maybe I'll give it another try ;)

I love soursop juice! Somehow I've never tried the actual fruit even though I've lived here all my life...