Being a history buff and interested in lost Ancient technology, I came across a website a few years ago that claimed there are ancient pyramids in Bosnia discovered by a local amateur archaeologist in the mid-2000s. I was intrigued and had to go check them out for myself with an open mind, hoping to believe they were indeed man-made.

There are many sceptics who do not believe there are pyramids. That the claim is false so tourism will improve and boost the local’s income.
The Valley of the Pyramids is made up of the Sun, Moon, Dragon, Earth and Love pyramids with an extensive underground tunnel network under the valley. The largest at 220 metres is the Pyramid of the Sun, making it larger than the Egyptian structures.

My host in Sarajevo offered to take me for the 50 minute journey by car to the site in the town of Visoko. Much easier and quicker than using the local buses, so we ripped the taxi sign off the roof of her husband's cab and set off on the scenic 30km journey.

Expecting to stand at the bottom of a pyramid, I was surprised to be driven up a small hilly side road where we stopped at a make-shift car park with a map and souvenir shop selling fridge magnets and key rings of the so called pyramids.

I was immediately given an ill-fitting hardhat and whisked underground into a tunnel with a non-English speaking archaeologist who pointed out a large stone with supposed smile and eyes etched into it, an 8 tonne broken megalith, rocks that cling to the ceiling without explanation (glue anyone?) inside a car tyre.

“Where is the pyramid?”

“Oh its way over that way. It is closed this time of year. “

The tunnels look like they could have easily been dug out in recent times, as I saw someone working at this while wandering around the labyrinth. The walls were made of sand and pebbles, like a river bed, as the guide had said it once was. But it was very fragile and easy to pick away at. At one point I had to crawl to get thru a passage and came out with half the roof scraped off onto my backpack and clothing.

Tunnel to nowhere

My host tried to interpret what the guide was saying back to me in English. It made no sense and eventually she gave up translating as the guide was “talking too much rubbish”.

After the tour of the tunnels, it was back to the make-shift shop and pressed to buy a fridge magnet or key ring which I decline to do. As much as I would like to help I ended up becoming a non-believer.

The guide pulls out a large hard covered book with photos from the area as a last ditch effort to convince me of its authenticity. One photo is of a rock with a shape of a knife cut out of it. Hmmm, no can’t convince me.

As we drove out of town to return to Sarajevo my host pointed out:
“Look there is the pyramid. It sort of looks like one doesn’t it?”

I had to agree, although covered in trees and looking just like a distinctly shaped natural mountain, like many I saw in Bosnia with similar shaping, only the Sun pyramid has a bit more straighter defined sides.

All crappy photos taken by myself.

As posted on my blog in 2011