Hello dear fellow travelers,

Before starting the second part of my memoirs on the meeting of the waters, I would like to start by thanking you for the acceptance and support given in the previous post.

After being sailing about an hour from the small pier of the Tropical Hotel until reaching the meeting of the waters. The next step was to enter a lagoon with tourist infrastructure for lunch and have the option of buying Amazonian crafts.

n the Parque Ecologico do Lago Janauari it has two palafito wood installations that provide services to tourists. We docked at the Valdecy restaurant.

A rectangular space where I saw some tourists fishing, immediately caught my attention just as we got off the boat. If my memory does not fail, the charge for fishing there, $ 5. You took the fish to return it to the river as soon as possible. Literally throwing money into the river, well, the money was in the hands of tour operators. Poor fish!

In the restaurant area, the food was waiting for us in a row of trays. I don't remember the cost, but the variety and quantity was enough to satisfy our appetite. Crossing the river makes you hungry.

I was very scrupulous as a child to eat. My wife had difficulty cooking at first, she said: what do you eat? You don't like anything. Thanks to her, I didn't have much trouble at the buffet and ate with pleasure.

Soup, salads, meat, chicken, fish, Amazonian fruits, Guarana tails. A lot of variety to choose from despite being in the jungle. Now that I think about it, I don't remember candy or cakes. Probably for ecotourism.

After lunch, we go to the craft sales area. Goldsmiths, paintings with indigenous motifs, necklaces, bracelets, bows and arrows, hammocks and many other things to tell.

At the end of the wooden shed full of crafts, there is a door that leads to the path suspended over the waters that bring us closer to nature.

Walking on the wooden platform, I turned to see the facilities where I had lunch just a few moments and looked at the crafts. On the outside it did not give the impression of comfort to tourists. Sometimes appearances can be deceiving.

So far, the Nikon camera had taken excellent photos of environments. The river under the path was light brown, the vegetation was a beautiful green, although broken and dry branches were also visible.

I listened to the trill of birds, but I didn't see any. Instead, if a small group of monkeys. In some posts on the internet they are called capuchin monkeys. In my research based on the photographs I took, I managed to identify it. The photogenic monkey that you see here, is a squirrel monkey and also likes banana very much.

I followed the path until I reached a platform to see the vitória-régia flower, emblem of the Amazon.

This flower has a large circular shape, I saw them closely. They measure approximately one meter and a half in diameter. Some were beautiful among others deteriorated.

Then I searched the internet about them. The flowers usually last only three days. This explains the state in which I saw them. They are definitely wonders of river flora.

This was the end of the visit to the facilities and the tourist attraction. We return along the path to board the Joa do Silva XX and take a tour of the surroundings of the lagoon.

From the inside of the ship with a red floor, I watched as other smaller ships also started to return, of course, these would give the aforementioned tour around the lagoon.

While sailing through the lagoon, the boat captain stopped at one of the palafitos. Two young men had in their hands an Anaconda and a Sloth.

They boarded the boat and some tourists took pictures with these beautiful animals of the jungle and the river.

On the return trip, I watched as many rested on the red floor of the boat and slept, tranquility and good food demanded a nap. Instead, I stayed awake to take pictures of the river, now from the opposite perspective, heading to Manaus and in the afternoon. How could they sleep and lose the landscape?

Again on the Rio Negro, the Jornalista Phelippe Daou bridge gave us a magnificent view of its structure.

Likewise, as we approached the city of Manaus at sunset. The contrast between the river, the silhouette of the city and the sky, gave a beautiful landscape, worthy of a postcard.

The rest of the journey to the Hotel Tropical pier was near the city's coast. I saw some boat dumps. Definitely, the city lives on the river.

I hope you like my memories and motivate you to visit Manaus in the future.

The crossing on the Black River and the Solimões River is worth it. I only regret not being able to visit the architectural sites of Manaus that made it worthy of being called the Paris del Tropico. Maybe, I visit it in the future.

Thank you very much for reading me here.

See you soon.


Camera: Nikon D3100 AF-S DX Zoom - Nikkor 18 - 55 mm

Category: Nature

Location / Date: Manaus - Brazil / Jun , 2013

Setting: Automatic

Edition: No

Photographer: @janaveda