Howdy again Martina! sorry this was 4 hours ago. I had to throw together some kind of post, I hope it makes sense, no videos this time to help me. lol.
Then I had to run to town, pick up some things and fill the car with gas so Mrs. J doesn't have to be concerned with running out. She is on call so we're hoping that she doesn't have to go in this evening, she had a brutal week last week with all that went down. Did I tell you about the big evacuation? Probably not.

But anyway she needs to rest up. I agree about the planet. I know we over here are always improving it. It's at least 100% better than it used to be and there's no pollution smog in the cities like there used to be or very little in just a few. China is the one poluting more than everyone else combined.

What is a TRX session? And what kind of machine do you want? Something to bulk up your upper body so you can punch someone in the face?