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Today I will start my first series on my post. I went to Canada this summer holidays with my parents and my brother. This was the last time I was allowed to go with them on holidays (at least this was what they said) and so we made a big trip across whole Canada, from Montreal on the East to Vancouver on the West. I will make a post for every place or for every two places we were depending on how long this post will be and today I will start with the Flight and Toronto.

We took the plane from Frankfort airport to go there. The flight was during the afternoon and took 9h, but we still only arrived 3h later local time. We were sitting in premium economy and so we had some nice advantages like early boarding, priority baggage, all drinks completely free and a bigger free entertainment system that allowed me to look some films that I didn’t the time to see at the cinema. I looked for films and didn’t slept a lot during the flight like most of us. Because of that we were all tired pretty early for Canadian time and gone to sleep early.


The advantage was that we woke up very early, but it turned out that it wasn’t that advantageous because all the coffees only opened later. So we stayed in our room played a little bit on the phone, wrote with friends in Germany and decided we want to go to the “Mystic Muffin” for breakfast. When we arrived there it was closed and we didn’t knew why. We searched around for some time until we found a Belgian coffees that was just opening where we had some amazing Belgian Waffles. They also explained us that it was a national holiday this day and that most of the shops, restaurants and coffees were closed because of it.

Also many attractions were closed and so we decided to walk a bit trough the city and go to the Royal Ontario Museum. The museum is really beautiful and they have a lot of different things from dinosaurs over gemstones to all kind of human history. They also had free tours through the museum that were very well done, we did the one about the spotlights of the museum and the one about the Egyptian part. After this we walked around a bit more trying to found the underground city that was closed when we found it. So we decided to search for a grocery store that was open to get some water and other things to eat and with the help of our concierge we also found one and a nice pub where we eat some burger and drunk some beer before going to bed.







The second day had a bit more program. This morning the “Magic Muffin” was open and we had some amazing bagels and muffins there. It is really cute lite coffees run by one guy at the front and one person in the kitchen with an amazing atmosphere and really nice service.


During the morning we then did a guided bike tour through the city were we saw all the different landmarks from the city like the market hall, china town, a lot of other building, parks and districts and of course the CN-Tower, but we will come back to this one later. We later had a little snack at the market hall and did a little bit of shopping in the city.







For the dinner I had reserved a table in the 360° Restaurant on the top of the CN-Tower. The food there was great, but a bit cheap for what it was, but you paid for the view. When we were there it was already night and so we saw the city in all its lights, unfortunately the weather wasn’t really good and so we couldn’t see far. The funny thing that happened later when we wanted to go down after we visited the observation deck, was that 1 elevator wasn’t working because I had a howl in the roof and so water was flowing out of the elevator on the observation deck and the crew was trying to stop it with big vacuum cleaner that suck up all the water. We got also very wet on the way home because we hadn’t taken umbrella.



This was the first days of my trip through Canada the next day we went to the Niagara Falls, but this will be the next post. Hope to see you again when it comes out.

Thank you for reading!

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