This is the oldest temple in Luang Prabang.

It was built in 1512 by the king. It was once a place where a horrible massacre happened. Some Chinese bandits called the Black Haw Riders rode down, killed everyone, and burned it down in 1887. Civil War veteran and Medal of Honor recipient, Buffalo Bill, was still alive and performing shows in London then.

The Enlightenment of Buddha

I can't help but notice the similarities of ancient Egyptian statues and the ones here in Luang Prabang. When the great cataclysm called the Younger Dryas event or the meteorite that caused The Great Flood in the Bible 12,800 years ago destroyed most of human civilization, Luang Prabang would have survived because it's surrounded by tall mountains. It is currently 300 meters above sea level and would have been even higher back then.

I came here the first day I arrived in Luang Prabang in 2018. I was immediately drawn to this place. I believe this was my home in the past life. It took me some courage to come back here, because I lived here last year. My ex-girlfriend's dad was the artist who made this statue. I am genuinely scared of her. Some women become bullies when they know that you're the type of guy who would never hit a woman and will abuse you. She's really strong too. She threw a bottle at my face one time because I refused to give her both my hotel salary and my military disability check. She's a mafia lone shark and one of the meanest people I've ever met. At first it seemed like a good idea, because she was 25, rich, and very cute, and I was almost 40, but it turned into a nightmare.

Have you ever seen that old misogynist guy on Youtube who runs the channel, Coach Red Pill? He thinks because he's over 50, has money, confidence, and has banged lots of chics that he should give advice to young men. His channel is actually pretty successful. He made a video called, Why You Should Never Date a Single Mother. I clicked on it of course, but he had a different reason than I did. He was just talking about money and resources, but for me I clicked because I felt that I really loved my (I still do.) ex-girlfriend's brother, daughters, and mother, but now I'm out of the picture.

The Temple's Entrance

Be Respectful

It can be hot here sometimes, but would you wear Daisy Dukes or a bikini to church? Some tourists will wear tank tops to temples. No one will say or do anything, but it may be seen as disrespectful.

Footprints of a Ghost

The puppy who walked in this cement when it was drying has long grown old and died, but their footprints remain.


If you look to the upper left, you can see Mount Phousi.

Souvenirs of Buddha

That pipe in the lower right looks cool. I wonder what that's for.


Watermelon Mass Grave

The bones of many people are inside of this. It was once damaged in an earthquake and some gold fell out.

Close Up

Local people like to run laps around this at sunset when the weather is cool.

Sunshine for the Graves

I was so frustrated doing this post because I went with a friend and he wouldn't even let me touch his iPad. Even though he's smarter and older than me, I felt like an old soldier with an inexperienced friend who wouldn't let me shoot his new gun even though I'm a marksman. At least he took my advice on where to stand. I love how the sun rays are coming down to bless these old graves.

Water Goddess

The legend is that her long her brings the rain and life to our earth.


You can see Mount Phousi in the background.

La Silapa

This restaurant is across the street. They have great pizza.

Friendly Staff

I've eaten here many times. The staff are very nice and can speak English well.

Wine and Spirits

After getting Buddha's blessing from the ancient temple, you may feel you can get some sin time in and have a drink.


This cafe and bar is next to La Silipa.


Laos was once a French colony, so they are good at making bread.


This is a nice private place to enjoy your bread and drinks.


I'll end this post with illy's alcohol options. Thank you for visiting Aham Temple with me today. Cheers!