Today I again used a day off for a small trip. Total financial cost of when I don't count food and herbal tea, it was 30 CZK.
I started from Pilsen by city bus No. 53 to Kyšice. The ticket cost 8 CZK, because I crossed the boundary of the inner public transport zone.
I got on the bus on the final trolleybus No. 16 in Doubravka.
I was intrigued by the Waste container decorated in Street Art style. Why not. It's interesting.


After a while my bus is leaving for Kyšice. In a few minutes I get off at Kyšice Square.
Its dominant feature is the Chapel of St. Lawrence from 1829 surrounded by linden trees and chestnuts.


In addition to the chapel, I am also interested in the new memorial of the armored Czechoslovak brigade, which arrived here on May 8, 1945.


What lies at his heel? This looks like real artifacts from that time. Tank wheel, cartridge, part of armor, canister...
Everything is covered with a snow dust that melts quickly.


At the end of the village I notice a small niche chapel. The surrounding area is full farmhouses built in the style of rural baroque.


Now I am leaving Kyšice slowly towards the railway track. The last house on the right has interesting garden. So not so much a garden, but interesting is what stands on it.
Good old military Tatra 813 Colossus. Too bad he's in such a state ...


I continue boldly. I have a beautiful view of the landscape of Rokycany.


I'll pass two railway bridges. One is new, from 2015, on it leads the track to the new tunnel under Chlum and the second one is on the old Prague track. Today him uses only a local bus to the town halls.


Behind the bridges on the right I find an interesting place. It looks like a dump of old wood.
But what's behind it?


Small lake. Water flows into it from an underground structure. It is a former, so-called New ammunition store for the original Ejpovický quarry.
Unfortunately, I do not look at his portal today. Waterlogged and sloping terrain after today Melting snow is impassable.
Or go down to the lake or end up in the mud and then in such a state to enter public transport I really do not want today :)
In any case, a closer examination of this object we have already done in 2011. I dedicate him later a separate article.


My next steps will follow this friendly road leading to the chat area in Ejpovice.


Ejpovický stream flows here as well. Water from melting snow strengthens its flow considerably.


Klabava River and Ejpovice Lake


I'm approaching the Ejpovice railway station.
The train runs right in front of my nose and the next one takes an hour. So I have a little more time to explore the surroundings.
I'll take a picture of this bridge on the corridor to Prague.
It is concrete, but lined with stone, which gives it a slightly better look.


I'll walk to the lake. I will go past the artificial canal of the Ejpovický stream. I was here relocated due to mining in the quarry.


Ejpovické Lake was formed by the flooding of an iron ore quarry in 1966.
Due to mining in the quarry, it was necessary to divert the Klabava River by two tunnels with several kilometers. After mining, the river flow was returned to The original riverbed and a deep quarry pit formed a lake with recreational use.
In the distance you can see the gorge of the river into the lake.


I look at the geological profile of the lake shore. It stands out in the gray slate zone of iron ore. Its yield here, however, was very small and mining unprofitable.


View of the southern bay of the lake. Birches thrive on its banks. White birch (Betula Pendula) is such a pioneer among trees. It is the first human settlement ruined landscape ...


I imagine what was the moment when the shooter instructed to make a makeshift blast dam above the quarry, diverting the river flow into tunnels. The moment when the quarry flooded.
Strong detonation and huge hum. The crowds on the edge of the quarry were alert.
It's flowing! Huge mass of water appeared above the quarry and the river burst into the depth of the quarry by the ferocious power of the unfettered element.
There was a waterfall ten meters high. Rusty abandoned excavator torso at the bottom of the quarry came under water. The lake was created.

The Klabava River can be very watery. It flows from Brdy, where the melting snow feeds in the spring her water. The quarry had to be infused quickly.
I will drink herbal tea and give the last picture of the trip. Catkins of fallen tree.


My trip is over. I'm hurrying on the train. The ticket costs 22 CZK. I'll go with him the longest railway tunnel in the Czech Republic and in five minutes I get off in Doubravka.
It was a short but interesting trip. At five kilometers, I saw more than enough.