Today we will go shopping together. Let's take such a little walk together.
Are you ready? We are just starting.
We get off tram No. 1 directly on Pilsen's Republic Square.

The square with a rectangular floor plan has magical dimensions of 139 × 193 m. It is very large, which is especially visible in the state of emergency, in which the Czech Republic is located due to the coronavirus crisis.

Its dominant feature is the Church of St. Bartholomew, now the cathedral, as Pilsen has been the seat of the diocese since 1993.
The construction of the cathedral began after 1342 on the site of the original church, which has stood here since 1295, which is the date of the founding of the city of Pilsen by King Wenceslas II.


The cathedral tower with a height of 102.26 m is the tallest church tower in the Czech Republic. We can also look at its gallery at a height of 62 meters and look from above, for example, at the Renaissance town hall.


In the northwest corner of the square we find a plague column from 1681 with a replica of the Pilsen Madonna, a statue from the neo-Gothic altar in the cathedral.
The interior of the cathedral is currently being renovated, so we can only enjoy my older photo of the interior, coming from an event called Night of the Churches.

View from the choir to the nave of St. Bartholomew's Cathedral.JPG

On the outside of the presbytery of the church we find the Mount of Olives. On the lattice of this space there are decorative angels, one of which is polished by the touches of passers-by.
Nowadays, however, he does not recommend touching the diocese, as he does not want the little angel to become a carrier of disease.


According to legend, the Pilsen executioner once prayed outside, and when he got up, he grabbed the bars behind this little angel. Well, whatever the executioner touches brings happiness ...
And why did he pray outside? Because he was just getting married. Inside the cathedral, represented as an unclean person ...

In any case, Andělíček, nicknamed "Ošahánek", is liked by the people of Pilsen, ie the people of Pilsen.
Sometimes they give him some nice accessory :)
For example, in my photo from the winter of 2016 ...

Andělíčci 08.jpg

From angels, it's just a jump to the golden fountain. Angel. This modern fountain from 2010, designed by the architect Ondřej Císler, symbolizes the figure of an angel from the Pilsen coat of arms.
Very abstract ...
Today, it is mainly used by pigeons for their refreshing baths.


From the square we will go along Roosevelt Street together. The city center is slowly beginning to come to life again.
We enter the forecourt of the Roosevelt Bridge. Previously, this bridge was called Saxon after the original Saxon suburb.


On the left we see a special building, ie a special school.
The bridge itself is an example of the fact that the previous regime did not protect the combination of reinforced concrete with Baroque sculptures during the reconstruction ...


Roosevelt Bridge was built in 1848-52 according to the plans of the builders Lexa and Stelzer, replacing the original nearby Saxon bridge from the 16th century.

At least that the original stone arches remain from the bridge after reconstruction in the late 1980s. Even though they got a reinforced concrete bridge deck to carry the weight of the current traffic ...

Sculptures placed on concrete plinths have a special ...

It dates from the 1830s from the workshop of sculptor Lazar Widmann. The sculptor would be surprised ...

Under the bridge flows the river Mže, springing in the Bohemian Forest.
In the middle of the bridge we stop and look around the spring nature.
View of the city center with the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew.


View across the river Mži to the building of the State Regional Archive (SOA). In the foreground a blooming lilac.


Even ordinary dandelions on the bridgehead have their charm ...


We cross the bridge and turn left behind it. We are located in the Roudná district, the oldest part of Pilsen built on the land of the original village of Malice.

Here you will find historic houses, such as this one in my photo.


Some are repaired, others very neglected ...


Nevertheless, still inhabited by its inhabitants ...


And we are at the finish line. The department store welcomes us and we can go shopping.
It was a short walk, about a quarter of an hour and a kilometer of walking. Anyway, even in such a small part of our country we can see something nice and interesting.
Just open your eyes and look intently.
And stop in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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