Day 3 in Saigon Part 1

Joanne Wong @joannewongJune 2019 · 3 min read

Ho Chi Minh City Hall

This is one of the tourist attractions, it is not open for public but you can take a nice photo here. According to the wikipedia I read, the city hall was built in 1902-1908 in French colonial style which mean the building is 111 years old, the building doesn't look old at all and it is still in use.

This grab driver left me a deep impression and respect for his driving skill

Why? The car that he drive is a manual car, with so many motorcycles, bike and bicycle on the road he manage to drive fast (the most fast grab I sat in saigon), very focus, know where he is going and safe too! It's just WOW me!

Pho for lunch

I can't never get enough of Pho🤣 , yes I meant it! Simply because back home, I'm not going to have the same taste of Pho anymore. Not only Pho that I enjoy, I love coconut water too. Coconuts are available at almost all of the restaurant, cafe, convenience store and surprisingly😱 the club sell coconut water too.

Here I'm standing, thinking how do I cross the road🤔 although there are zebra line

Fact: It took 5 minutes to 10 minutes or longer to cross a road in Saigon especially if you're first time come to Vietnam. Why? Just look at the motorcycles, it is more than cars and most of them will not stop for you to cross the road.

I still remember my first time crossing the road, I have to hold @irenechew hand to cross the road because it is so scary! Not only for first time, most of the time also need assistance to cross the road😅 😅

Snake, Scorpions and some herb inside a whisky bottle

Tried to ask the retail assistance what this for but due to languages barrier, at the end I still don't know what is this for. Seen this before long time ago, usually it is use for medication purpose. There are many shops selling similar things which means it is a normal for them. There are big and small bottles for you to choose however not sure whether it can pass immigration or not at the airport. Anyone know what this is use for?

The ATM is not attached together with the bank

Walking to explore the district, I noticed most of the ATM is not inside the bank unlike in Malaysia most of the ATM is side by side with the bank or inside the shopping mall. Most of the ATM in Saigon is located outside just like the photo.

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Haha.. crossing the road in HCMC is always a challenge. Sometimes you just need to take the leap of faith and believe in the chaotic "system" :)

100% agree with you! Just cross the road 😁 . surprisingly, it is not that bad.

Whooa the snake and scorpion inside a whiskey bottle! btw are you settling in vietnam these days?

Nope, just for travelling :)