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Walk Along The Mooi River

Kamberg Nature Reserve derives its name from a nearby mountain shaped like a rooster’s comb. (In Afrikaans “die haan se kam”)(Afrikaans berg "mountain").


Photo taken from Kamberg Rock Art Centre where a small theater offers you an opportunity to learn more about San Art

Driving out of valley we were staying along into the adjacent valley to explore Kamberg region a place we had not visited previously. Denying the beauty of the area would be a lie, stunning to say the least!


Two family members decided to hike to the San Art Caves with a guide, the rest decided to take a "walk" down to the Mooi (English meaning pretty) River.


Burnt area for fresh grasses to grow, one can see the green emerging from the scorched earth

First and foremost be prepared, carry sufficient water. This region when we arrived is experiencing exceptionally dry conditions with early rains not arriving. Along the river walk there was no easy access to the waters edge.

Let me show you the pretty side of the Mooi River, keep the moaning to a minimum about the heat on this winding path that appeared to have no end. Perhaps if we had seen bird life or seasonal flowers it may have been a brilliant walk in cooler conditions.

4752-Sloggett's Ice Rat.png

My first encounter with what I believe is a Sloggett's Ice Rat, sunning on the rock he dived in behind a stone, must be his house on the road winding down to the river.


Some rock formations take on the look of faces peering down the valley

Oops, I fibbed, I did see flowers popping out the burnt veld, some yellow ones further in which I did not get to for some reason, perhaps too much haste less speed in getting to where we were going.


Grasslands along the river through the Ou Hout trees, English: Oldwood (Leucosidea sericea) did make for some interesting scenery, the small rough bark unruly look tree was in flower, an interesting thing to note is when these trees are on river banks normally water conditions are good to stock river with trout, which this area is favoured for by fly-fisherman.


Medicinal uses of the tree "Zulu people use a paste made from the crushed leaves of Leucosidea sericea for treating ophthalmia (an eye ailment)." Source


Well we walked and talked in the beginning enjoying the outdoors, as the sun rose higher and the water in the bottle got warmer, my temperature rose along with grumbling and rumblings of it being a long and winding path to nowhere.


Eventually we reached the trout dams, after hugging tight pathways where they water had eaten the soil out below in a couple of spots, not able to get to that water about five foot away was tormenting, seeing a large tree thinking this must be it, it was not so we clambered on...


Serene beauty some shade next to the dam where I firmly planted myself down and said to my brother and his daughter, enjoy the hike up to fetch the cars and our other two hikers who had ventured up to the caves, "come and fetch me", yes the heat got me and I did not budge (could not budge), so here are some pretty photo's as the dam.

One coot scooted across the water and disappeared, perhaps I felt like the coot sitting there gasping for breath, when lo and behold the clouds came over with a cool fresh breeze dropping the temperature from 29 deg C to most probably around a more comfortable 24 deg C in no time at all, typical Drakensberg, one minute you can fry your brains the next searching for a jacket.


Some wild daisies close to the dam, smiling up to brighten up my day, as Denise always says @dswigle for you!


Reflecting back, perhaps that red wine on the front stoep (veranda) was not the answer the night before!

Fully recovered the next day, still feeling somewhat upset not completing the hike, both my co-walkers admitted the heat had got to them as well, while the two hiking onto the caves only one made it all the way, heat definitely beat me on the day.

All photography is my own, resized for ease of uploading, used a Canon PowerShot SX730 HS

Thank you for joining me enjoying nature in our part of the world, have a wonderful week, keep walking, keep smiling, life is short enjoy each moment!

Thought for Today: The path is made by walking. ~ African proverb


Host @tattoodjay #wednesdaywalk

Try and get out once a week for a short walk, can be from your office, home or anywhere really and walk for a few blocks or a few minutes looking for things to get shots of.

Your walk does not have to be on a Wednesday I just ask if possible to share your walk photos on a Wednesday.

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Peaceful view Anyway you know @dswigle ...I also know him but recently she was missing in this platform. Are you know about reason why she missing?


@dswigle is someone I know on here and she has been busy with other things for this last week and feels bad about it but she will be back soon :)


Ohh...thanks for share information


Most welcome ;)


The view is surely stunning @joanstewart!!
Too bad you have to missed the hike, but if the heat is too much I guess you made a wise choice of staying in maybe?


We actually walked around 2 to 3 kilometers along the river, never made the last one kilometer uphill back to where the vehicles were parked @joelai, heat got the better of me.


Ah, totally understand how the heat effects.


With the heat skipping the hike was probably a good cal but what amazing scenery and beauty there thanks for sharing it with us


Round trip walk would have been approximately 4 kilometers, I made around three before plonking down. Lovely area to walk, perhaps next time in cooler conditions return to take the beauty in with a different frame of mind.


Thats understandable the heat slows us down for sure in cooler weather it would be a lot more enjoyable i am sure


Some truly beautiful shots of that stunning scenery! Looks like a wonderful place to spend some time, though I can appreciate it much more in cooler conditions, too. Glad you got a little bit of a reprieve from the heat while you waited. That sun can be relentless, especially when you are engaged in physical activity!


Walking down to the river was extremely pleasant, it only became uncomfortable around mid-morning with no sign of a breeze in the valley. I would definitely go back to do the walk again @plantstoplanks it is a stunning area.


Never been that side of the Berg Lady Joan, but you are so right about the heat.
I followed a tribe of Elands for miles over berg and valleys once and was almost dead beat until the sudden coolness revived me.
Bad new today as the doc told me that the pain in my legs are caused by my spine disintegrating. Referred me to an orthopedic specialist.
Seems like no more long walks for me for a long time.


So sorry to hear it is spinal problem, perhaps the orthopedic specialist will have an answer and able to replace damaged disks. Older we get the more needs replacement from wear and tear unfortunately.

Making friends with all the wildlife around your new home you will have on-going visitors Stephen.


Thank you Lady Joan, I have no intention of spending my last days in a wheelchair and talking via email to the doctor today. I have a feeling that they will "fuse" the thing.
You are right as we have always been blessed with new visitors and the news must spread along the animal grapevine hahaha


Hope the doc has positive news, fusing together makes good sense, I have heard of hip bone being used to replace disks, no procedure is ever 100% fail proof, can only wish you the best that the right procedure is recommended.


Appointment for Friday the 8th of November Lady Joan and I have a CD of the scans, so will once again participate in the decisions.
1980, I had six operations after the bike prang and thankfully after the 3rd one, the orthopedic specialist decided to involve me in the process.
So, I am not going in out of the cold and if I don't like anything, I will opt for a second opinion.
The problem is that these guys are expensive and we don't have much money.
But we will see what we can do.


Your funds are gone before you even walk through the front door, sadly this is how medical has gone of late. Good to know you have all the information to present your own case and not end up being shoved around at huge cost Stephen.


So true my friend and we have still not recovered from the last operation.
They certainly make huge profits off the sick and only have to look at some of the billion rand head offices in Sandton to see where our money is going.
But then again who can survive without a medical aid in this country, even if it is a basic package?


What an amazing view!! I wish I was sitting there at the table, enjoying the beautiful nature.


First thing I did was get some cool water to drink (my bottled water was almost at boiling point I am sure), kicked my flip-flops off and put my feet onto the cold concrete base under the shaded area, brought my temperature down slowly but surely. The area is stunning @roselifecoach.


Haha... I can imagine how relief that must have been for you to get rid of that heat!


What a beautiful walk @joanstewart. Be careful about the heat, it can indeed catch up with you quickly. Water, water, water! Those mountains are simply incredible, love the names, they certainly do resemble the rooster comb, lol Looks like you had a wonderful vacay with family, thanks for sharing it with us


Enough water was taken along the path, it turned to warm water which is not refreshing, unable to get river water was a problem, the crystal clean water was just out of reach.

Most definitely a gorgeous area to walk, I will be sure to do it again one day soon @birdsinparadise.


What stunning photos! Thank you for taking us on your walk!


Thanks for visiting with me @felt.buzz

wwwiebe @wwwiebe14 days ago

That looks like such an incredibly beautiful place to visit!


Always interesting up in the mountains @wwwiebe


Stunning scenery! I enjoyed reading about your hike.


Scenery knocks you socks off, photographers paradise Keith.