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joanstewart @joanstewartJuly 2019 · 2 min read

Make it to the high ground

Being on top or down below mountains draw one into realizing how long they have been here, taking a beating from every storm thrown at them, from the very beginning after being pushed up by hot lava beneath, making a mountain.

Photograph taken in Autumn March 2019:


Same piece of water Spring October 2012:


Long before our time:

The rocks of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands belong, in the main, to the Beaufort and Ecca Groups (of the Karoo Supergroup), aged 220–310 million years, and are therefore considerably older than the Drakensberg lavas (aged 180 million years) which cap the escarpment on the border between KwaZulu-Natal and Lesotho. - Source Wikipedia

Photo early morning 06h19 to be precise March 2019:


Similar not quite the same, mountains have moods with every season back to October 2012:


Highly recommended, is finding a place in nature affording time for oneself. Dwarfed in nature ones mind drifts back to early humans who relied on finding caves close to running water, food, all the things modern day living is taking for granted.

We need nature, nature definitely does not need us, so why are humans so hell bent on damaging everything laid in their path?

Panoramic view of the Southern Berg looking up toward the Northern Berg, only a slight elevation when you see the surrounding mountains.


Driving back down toward the coast we go through an area known as The Valley of a Thousand Hills, land of the Zulu farming communities all along the hillsides in rural KwaZulu-Natal.

Sometimes I envy the life they lead, perhaps being brought up in cities we forget the essence of life and living, forever chasing another goal never stopping to give thought to our surroundings.


Photo Friday entry @qurator

My entry for #mountainmonday by @bashadow

Thought for Today: One decade is long enough to change the looks of mountains and rivers. ~ African Proverb


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We need nature, nature definitely does not need us

True! Love the message and the sceneries are totally majestic Joan! Nice to see this part of Southern & Northern Berg!


Favourite get away spot, sadly becoming too commercialized of late, going back regularly one sees the changes from season to season.


wow these are stunning, are these photos all taken by you? They look like some wild adventures into nature! It's crazy to think that it was all underwater at one point. They really are quite old, almost unimaginably.


Photography is all my own, I can go back as far as 1995 to this exact spot when it was a lot quieter. Escarpment is fascinating, the age is mind boggling!


Amazing eye! First one must be top. For screensaver!


Enjoy reflection photography when the water is quiet @psyceratopsb


I love the pictures, the wide open scenery, no real roads or man made stuff to get in the way of the view. Just like you said, Nature, she does not need us but we do need her.


Over the past 20 years the place has grown, I preferred it when it was a lot quieter, mountains never change, one bonus!


Breathtakingly beautiful scenery


Closest mountain to where we live, always spectacular.


Those layered stone cliffs are something to admire. It looks like a great place to build a Hobbit Hole.


Ironically JRR Tolkien born in South Africa, people romanticize possibility of these mountains having influenced his writings, I personally am not so sure since he left as a young boy of 4 years old to England where he lived out his life.

Most unusual mountains with sand stone cliffs, on top of the flat topped hills very volcanic rock is seen.


Great landscapes.

Thank you so much for sharing.

Hope. You have a great day.


Thanks for visiting @neuerko


Whoa these are some very beautiful mountains @joanstewart! :-)
So lovely the colors throughout the seasons and the shadows!
Thank you for sharing these fantastic mountains!


Nice to compare seasonal changes, we have visited in July hoping for snow and ended up with extremely hot dry days and cold nights, no snow!


These are exceptional photos taken with love and caring! Very ancient land of great energy!
I just wished I could travel via time portal to visit that place for a whole day!

The earth will survive and heal herself after we are all gone!


Would be nice to travel through time and see what this looked like 500 years ago @kaminchan.


500 years are too short!
Rather it should go back 20 millions years!!